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Essay on Disabilities

Various disabilities in the world include physical, cognitive and mental disabilities. Physical disabilities may be congenital, amputation, and other sclerosis. Amputation involves removal of injured body parts. The body part may be removed due to trauma, surgery or prolonged condition. It may occur as an injury after war or accident and unlike some animals that can grow their body parts back such as starfish, human parts do not grow back once they are removed. In US, most of the amputations today occur due to vascular systems complications caused by diseases such as diabetes. This may result from an injury or a planned surgery for preventing the spread of a disease on the hand or other parts of the body.

Some of the amputated parts, for example, legs may be attached back into the body. Pinzur et al. (1667-1671) describes that an amputation occurs when the surgeon needs to remove the injured parts of the body. Before the surgery, the doctor examines the damage to the other part of the body. The area removed depends on the amount of damage. The surgeon closes the part to be amputated using skin and tendon from other parts of the body. …

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