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Essay on Courage

March 30, 2009

One person said of Macbeth “Macbeth’s courage is his redeeming feature. Not all the blood he spills can distinguish his native humanity or blot out his splendour.” Another said “Macbeth looses his humanity and descends into bestial.” Do you agree with either person? Explain why or why not.

Macbeth may in fact be courageous. Anyone who has the guts to kill their King and their best friend must be either courageous or slightly mad, neither of which qualify as redeeming features for Macbeth. At certain times during the play, Macbeth’s momentary loss of his native humanity results in his making impulsive decisions. Despite this, Macbeth’s humanity still remains strong throughout Macbeth, depicted by his guilty conscience. The audience is more likely to sympathize with Macbeth’s Сtragic hero’ character than to be swayed by Macbeth’s courage. …

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