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Philosophy and the Good Life

February 20, 2008

Philosophy had been studied for countless centuries by great people, wise men, and common people. It is not because they have to construct what philosophy is and its importance to humanity and the world as a whole, but to make its existence concrete and become usable to where it is ought to be used. The concept of philosophy is abstract and even before the existence of the humanity and the world, it was already there. Its idea was laid down in words through time to be used by people for the coming ages. But its usefulness and significance still depends how we absorb and utilize them….

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Personal Theory on Personality

February 19, 2008

Personality is a hard thing to understand and who will understand it will control the world. In this research I want to analyze two theories and show how they are close to my own theory of personality.

The first theory is based on the works of Karl Gustav Jung. Like Freud he devoted himself to the study of dynamic unrealized drawings on a human behavior and experience. But his learning was a little different from Freud’s. Jung told that that maintenance of unconscious there is nothing greater, than low-spirited sexual and aggressive motives. According to Jung’s theory on personality, as known as analytical psychology, individuals are motivated by some psychical forces and appearances, the origin of which leaves deep into history evolution. This innate unconscious contains some spiritual material which has deep roots, which explains the aspiring to the creative self-expression and physical perfection of humanity….

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Statement of Educational Philosophy

February 4, 2008

All students can and deserve an opportunity for a quality education. Unfortunately, it is impossible to measure learning, which, in turn, makes it difficult to assess what is a quality education. However, it is possible to measure performance. Establishing solid methods of assessing performance, allows the teacher to infer that learning took place. I design my instructional strategies to facilitate student performance through research projects, in and out of class participation, and various types of quizzes/tests, and then infer based on the student’s performance that learning occurred and that the student received a quality education.

It is the teacher who serves as a facilitator of learning. For me, successful teaching means integrating both theoretical and content knowledge, along with practical application. My collegiate career has prepared me academically, and my extensive field experiences in politics and making history has prepared me for facilitating the real world applications. There must be dynamic interaction between content, theory, and practice….

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