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Essay on Peace

The Vietnam Conflict is a dark shadow in America’s glorious history. By the end of the conflict 57,605 Americans had been killed, over 300,000 thousand U.S. military officials had been wounded, and America had spent approximately $165 billion (“Vietnam War” 4). The majority of Americans sought after peace indispensably. “Washington’s struggle to bring the fighting to a close inevitably shifted the U.S. role in the conflict from ally and combatant to mediator between Hanoi and Saigon” (“The Shape of Peace” 15). The struggle would payoff on “January 27, 1973; various representatives signed the Paris Accords. America’s war in Vietnam was over” (Detzer 137). The Paris Accords encompassed “Four main points to the pact: withdrawal of all U.S. forces from South Vietnam; release of all prisoners of war; an international 1,160-man peace keeping force; and recognition of the right of the South Vietnamese people to determine their own future (“Vietnam War” 4)….

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