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Research Paper on Mozart

On hearing the word genius, no other name springs to mind quicker than that of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. To me, his music reaches a level of perfection unmatched by any other composer. Whereas other great composers excel in a particular aspect of music – Bach with harmonic power and contrapuntal complexity, Handel with melodic virility and textural manipulation, Beethoven with developmental techniques and expression of drama – Mozart reigns supreme in all aspects. He had the harmonic complexity, the melodic grace, the clever developmental techniques, and the emotional content. Furthermore, he was supreme in virtually every musical style of his day – concerto, symphony, sonata, opera, choral music, fugue, canon, et cetera – there was nothing that he could not do. However, Mozart’s mastery of musical qualities is just a mere aspect of his technique, for I believe there is still something else fundamental underlying these qualities….

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