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MBA Papers and Essays

MBA degree can be the right path for a number of reasons. One reason is simply the desire to continue studying in business area. Undergraduate training often ends when students are still only up to their ankles in the subject matter in which they wish to fully immerse themselves. There is still so much to discover and contribute, and graduate training opens up opportunities for knowledge advancement. Zest for learning, then, is a good reason to seek an advanced degree and perhaps is the one that will best sustain you.

Another common reason for wanting to earn a higher degree in business administration is to reap the employment opportunities that accompany graduate training. Job applicants with advanced degrees have an advantage over those without them, and many careers require an advanced degree to qualify at the minimum entry level. Those who want to work in a professional capacity in business typically will need to earn a master’s or doctoral degree.

Finally, as a group, people with advanced degrees make more money – at least over the longer haul – than those without them. So, love, employment, and money are all common motivations for seeking advanced degrees….

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