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Google Glass Research Paper

Marketing Plan for Google Glass
Report Objective
Project Google Glass was initiated in April 2013 and is aimed at integrating a head mounted display into an Android Smartphone (BUSINESS INSIDER, 2013, p. 54). Such a venture needs a comprehensive marketing plan and Google INC has ensured this by developing a marketing plan that entails pricing details of the product, launch criteria and preliminary budget calculations. This essay seeks to identify these key elements and provide an understanding of how the company will implement the plan. The Google Glass project entails the sale of wearable technologies therefore this essay will discuss the market potential of these technologies as well.

Company Background
Google is a multinational company that develops internet related products and services and avails them to its consumers. The firm was incorporated as a private company in 1998 (STUDYMODE WEBSITE, 2010, p. 43) and over the years, Google has managed to live to its customer expectations. The firm has developed high-end consumer products such as cloud computing and ADWords which are among its main sources of income. These online softwares and technologies have gone a long way to make necessary information readily available to its customer as stated in its mission statement. The Google glass plan involves an Eyewear that has an embedded camera, microphone GPS locator and an induction amplifier (STUDYMODE WEBSITE, 2010, p. 34). All these features sum up into a technological device that makes audible sounds to the user. The user can operate the Google glass using voice control. It is with no doubt that such a revolutionary gadget requires a sound marketing plan that will propel the company and product to greater heights. Marketing the gadget is a separate task of developing it. Poor marketing and pricing mechanisms could render the efforts of the company useless as was evident with the Bluetooth technology….

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How to Write a Marketing Research Paper

The necessity of writing research papers is like a ghost persistently following the students in all of the educational establishments. There seems to be no way out except mastering the art of writing research papers which includes outlining, composing, and formatting. The need to write good research papers is quite common among marketing students as well as students in other fields of study. They face the process of researching and writing research papers for their studies in marketing at least several times in their academic career. If you are one of those poor souls, you have definitely to come face-to-face with the challenges of completing a research paper associated with your study of marketing.

First of all you need to choose the topic for your future paper. The choice may be done at the suggestion of your scientific advisor or professor or by you, the author, based on your scientific preferences and interests. The topic selecting procedure should be followed by a careful review of the existing literature devoted to your marketing problem. It is almost impossible to be fresh and unique when selecting the topic, so you will need to settle for the fact that history repeats itself. This means that several marketing researchers have previously investigated the problem chosen by you. You will, of course, build upon their knowledge and do your best to incorporate the already existing works. Be sure to use only reliable sources (encyclopedias and solid scientific magazines etc.), rather than utilizing less than reputable resources….

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Wine Industry Research Paper

Free sample research paper on Wine Industry:
The American wine industry is a stable and present market in the United States with room to grow. The wine industry began with the first settlers and has persevered for centuries. There are three classifications of wine: Red, White, and Blush, and table wine (a wine containing 7% to14% alcohol traditionally consumed with food) is the most popular and fastest-growing type of wine consumed. Even though wine is produced virtually everywhere in the U.S. the wine producers in California have the largest economic impact of $30 billion. Wine sales have risen in the last ten years from 11.7 billion dollars to 19 billion dollars. The Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms division of the Internal Revenue Service, at 8%, which is around $1.07 per gallon, heavily taxes these sales. Technological impacts have allowed winemakers to help control the quality of the wine from the vine to the liquor store….

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Marketing Papers and Essays

Marketing involve selling the product or idea that is consumer oriented and will satisfy his or her need. In your marketing classes you will often assigned to write term papers, research papers, essays and reports on various topics. To make your term paper successful you will need effectively write your ideas and research on the paper and make them sell your product and in the same time be useful for some particular group of people. If you want your marketing term paper or essay to receive a good grade, you will need to persuade your audience (in your case it will be teacher) that your product or idea is useful and will bring profit, or in other words you will need to sell your product. There are some points that you will need to consider while writing your marketing term paper if you want to make it sound and actually “sell” your product or idea to your teacher.

Sales experts agree that the weighting process requires five basic steps:

1. relating ideas to be sold to audience thoughts, beliefs and attitudes;
2. establishing community of interest;
3. building messages on benefits;
4. demonstrating results; and
5. specifying necessary response.

Ideas and Interests

Persuasion begins with appeals to existing predispositions among message recipients. In preparing messages, you must focus on recipients’ points of view about the product or idea rather than on your own.

This concept applies whether you are selling services or refrigerators in your marketing term paper. Neither is an end in itself. Each is a means to an end. Refrigerators prevent food spoilage. Public relations services enhance organizational communication programs and contribute to overall organizational objectives….

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