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How to Write a Management Research Paper

A Management research paper, just like a piece of work devoted to any other discipline, should be well thought out. Your first and foremost task, while composing a management research paper, is finding the appropriate approach or “angle” for your investigation. First, decide on the topic of your paper. It should be interesting for you as well as for the readers. A “life” or contradictory topic may draw a larger circle of readers to your research paper. Try to select a topic that is not too narrow or specific. In this case, you risk not finding sufficient information related to the topic. After you find the main flow of the investigation, you may proceed with deciding on the paper format, its methodology, content, and word limit. These aspects of your management research paper, as well as the schedule for composing it, are to be discussed with your scientific advisor or tutor.

The focus of your research paper will define the entire range of techniques and the methodology you will apply. As it is generally accepted, all research methods fall into qualitative (objective) and quantitative (subjective). Surely, it is good to combine the methods of two groups and use both numerical indicators (better presented visually in the paper) and descriptions….

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