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How to Write a Literary Analysis on ‘The Scarlet Letter’ by N. Hawthorne

Writing a literary analysis is a great way to get students to understand the importance and beauty of any classic work of literature. That is why your instructor is bound to assign one to you this semester. If ‘The Scarlet Letter’ by N. Hawthorne is on your reading list, chances are that you will need to write an analysis on this book.

If this is your first time writing a literary analysis, this guide will outline everything you need to know in order to get started. The following lines detail manageable steps which are easy to follow. Think of this as a detailed template with explanations given at every stage. Now while everything you are about to read is related to ‘The Scarlet Letter’, you can use this outline every time you need to write a literary analysis….

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How to Write a Literary Analysis on African American Literature

February 24, 2016

When you are writing a literary analysis on African American literature, your goal is to analyze a particular piece of literature by reviewing the characters, plot lines, and literary devices employed by the author in order to make their point.

A “Literary Device” is a storytelling and/or literary technique that uses an identified set of characteristics or patterns common to the genre or sub-genre. For example, comedies use juxtaposition to create a sense of ridicule towards a stuffy or rigid character.

Whether you are discussing an author or a playwright for your literary analysis on African American literature you can be sure that each will use all kinds of “devices” to create a desired response. For example, if you are watching a comedic play you are going to see and hear an array of jokes or witness that helps to move the story forward. The same can be said of the tragedy or the drama as well, with the exception being that they use alternative devices….

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