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Law essay assignments usually concern the discussion of the people rights and justice system. To write a successful law essay you will need to apply a lot of theory and knowledge. You cannot discuss law without knowing actual rules and regulations. Sometimes you can debate one or another issue, express your point of view, but in most cases in order to write a good argumentation you will need to have specific evidences. Sometimes your essay task will be to research some topic. For this purposes you can do two types of research: quantitative research, which relies numerical data, and qualitative research, which relies on field observations.

Quantitative research in the law essay :

  • Numerical data used to establish the truth about human behavior.
  • Data collected during laboratory experiments or other controlled conditions, or through surveys, questionnaires, and the like.
  • Data measured and analyzed to discover nonrandom relationships among variables.

For example

A legal study of the reformation of ethical law practices. Is there a cause-and-effect relationship between increases in welfare benefits and occurrence of criminal offenders on the street?

  • Researcher is careful not to interfere in ways that might bias results (non-participative).
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