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How to Write a Case Study Analysis

Before starting on writing a case study analysis, it is best to first read about the issue that is to be analyzed in the case study with the aim of better understanding the key issue. If it is a case study about a certain company, the writer should begin his or her case study project by investigating and thoroughly analyzing the history and growth of the company that is being analyzed. An organization’s past usually affects the present and the future characteristics of a company to a great extent and as such, the best way of finding out the reasons behind certain issues within a company is to examine the company’s history. Examining a company’s past can also provide the writer with vital information explaining why certain events regarding the company are likely to occur in a certain way.

Some of the things that must be explored while examining a company’s past, to mention a few, include:

  1. how, when and under what circumstances the company was founded;
  2. critical incidents that occurred in the company, from the company’s foundation till present times;
  3. the structure and hierarchy of the company;
  4. the history and major points of its growth….
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