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Creative Writing Example

September 30, 2011

Creative Writing on Problem Definition:
Sally’s sister Sharon who lives out of the country was visiting her for a week. Since Sally lives in a small one bedroom apartment, her sister would spend the night in the same room and bed with sally. When Sharon woke up the next day, she had bumps and welts all over her neck and arms and felt a little ill which she attributed to jet lag. That night, Sharon could not sleep as she felt sensations on her face, arms and neck.

Upon turning the lights on, she saw small reddish brown insects on both her arms. They looked thin, like crinkly paper with their bodies covered in short golden hairs. Some were bloated and dark red, looking like blood drops while others were flat like a piece of paper. There were some insects on the bed and while others crawled on her sister’s body. There were small eggs in crevices in the bed and clusters of colorless tiny bugs and large reddish brown bugs in many areas of the bed frame. Funny though was the fact that Sally did not have any of the bites marks on her body….

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Creative Writing Sample

September 30, 2011

Creative writing on Compare and Contrast Two Parasites:
A parasite is an organism that resides in the living tissue of a host organism mainly for food benefit. Thus, a parasite has its long maturity period inside the host and may cause certain diseases but as for others, they have no apparent harm on their host. Many of the parasites have specificity adaptations allowing them to exploit host resources. In most cases of infections, diseases are endemic through a parasitic mode during their physiological and morphological adaptations.

Protozoa are single-celled microscopic organisms that have the similar behavioral functions and complexity of development, existing as free-living or parasitic in nature, which are able to multiply in humans just by single organism infection. Intestinal protozoa are transmitted through an oral or fecal route. For the most part, the protozoa are found where food and water is contaminated by human or animal waste. In its cyst period, a protective cover on the outer membrane allows the protozoa to infect the host through the digestive tract without damage. Thus, develop into a mature organism that is able to nourish and reproduce. Protozoa causes most of the common parasitic diseases, such as Amebic dysentery (Entamoeba Histolytica protozoan). …

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