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Research Paper on Measurement in Financial Recording

Measurement in Financial Recording research paper:
In the recent past there has been a strong a desire and need for reforms in the manner in which accounting of financial instruments and statements is done. This has come as a result of a number of developments in the market. These developments have mainly been characterised by diverse financial innovations, which have blurred the establishment of a clear distinction between the existing financial instruments. Consequently, this has contributed to developing markets for those instruments that have been traditionally considered as non tradable and illiquid (Enria et al, 2004). There has also been evident disappearance of the rationale of the existing diverse accounting treatment that is related to securities, banking and insurance services. This is because they all cover and serve similar economic function.

There have been two major approaches which have been recommended in the previous decade as being essential in line with measurements in financial accounting. The first recommendation is anchored on methods of valuation in accordance to past transaction which is referred to as Historical Cost analysis. Second argument is based on the current existing market value, which is referred to as Fair Value Accounting. The Historical based approach has been a fundamental part of America’s accounting systems. Through this approach, assets are always presented on a balance sheet, in terms of their value at the time when they were being acquired, which is essentially the use of purchase cost….

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Finance Papers and Essays

In finance term papers and essays you will deal with different types of assignments. In one case the teacher will evaluate your knowledge of the material in other case you will write a paper on the unknown topic in order to learn it or deepen your knowledge. In finance term papers, research papers and essays you will deal with numbers but write your evaluation, suggestions or projections with regards to these numbers. Sometimes you will need to write about current issues that are discussed in financial press or some innovation.

If you are writing finance term paper or essay which is based on given numbers, make sure that your paper matches the following requirements:


Accuracy in writing depends on your choice and use of words, to ensure you convey the intended message. The accuracy of any statistics reported also depends upon care in planning the enquiry or investigation from which they were derived, care in observing and in measuring, and care in recording and analyzing data. No amount of care in analyzing data, or presenting the results of the analysis, can compensate for lack of care in earlier stages of the work.


You try to ensure that the thoughts in the mind of the receiver are identical with those in your mind, by: (a) considering what the reader needs to know and why the information is needed, (b) conveying just this amount of information, with enough supporting detail, (c) choosing words familiar to the reader, and (d) using them in well constructed, unambiguous sentences. …

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