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10 Facts on Real Estate Finance for a Research Project

September 28, 2016

Like with most industries were business operations are carried out solely for the reason of making a profit, the real estate industry relies heavily on finance to keep its wheels spinning. Therefore, it should come as no surprise if one is asked to conduct research projects consisting of financing in real estate. Finance in real estate affects both sides of the demand-supply chain as real estate owners require funding to build accommodating structures, while home owners or rent seekers require funds to buy or rent the homes they plan to reside in….

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Research Paper on Finance

The research and financial analysis of this report are based on the information provided by the Ryanair Financial Report, relevant internet and library.

The purpose of this research paper is using financial management techniques to provide an overview of Ryanair Holding Plc. After analyzing the information from different resources, this research paper will supply other companies with a guide to make many decisions required to effectively manage of their business and to develop their future financial plans for the future requires reliable and pertinent information on the financial performance and financial position of the firm although if the analysis forecasts serious financial problems….

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How I Solve a Financial Problem

December 5, 2008

Problem solving forms part of thinking. Well thought-out the most difficult of all rational functions, problem solving has been distinct as advanced classify cognitive development that requires the accent and control of more routine or fundamental skills. It occurs if an organism or an artificial intelligence system does not know how to proceed from a given state to a desired goal state. Its part of the larger problem process that includes problem finding and problem solving. (Engel, 68)

Complex problems have some classic distinctiveness such as lack of precision of the situation where by one does not understand the problem. Some problems require numerous goals to be dealt with, thus become difficult to handle. Some are so complex that they are in large number of items, interrelations and require a lot of conclusion. (ibid, 78)

For example when am faced with a financial problem, I always resolve the limitation by first identifying the nature of the problem. …

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February 29, 2008

Our creditors are heavily involved with sharing, selling, and releasing our personal identifying information for profit. Like the businesses and companies we deal with, we all have different credit backgrounds so we will all have different creditors that we deal with. For right now, let us talk about who some of your creditors might be. …

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Financial Statements

February 11, 2008

Financial statements are a source of information for customers, creditors, managers, employees, regulators and other stakeholders of a firm to assess its past and future performance. The quantity of information available from the financial statements can be quite inundating. Financial statement users, therefore, adopt ratio analysis to counter this burden of information overload and get an accurate picture of the firm performance.

Analysis of the financial statements of a company reveals important information to its stakeholders thereby leading them to make inferences about its financial condition and attractiveness as an investment.

This paper will scrutinize the financial statements of Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), Pakistan‘s largest private bank by assets and market capitalization. MCB is the only financial institution from Pakistan that is listed on the London Stock Exchange. With its 60 year history, MCB has depicted a tremendous growth record and is listed on all stock exchanges in Pakistan with a significant market capitalization (Muslim Commercial Bank Annual Report, 2005). The financial information of MCB, as extracted from its 2005 annual report, provides an insight into the institution’s operations carried out in the year 2004-2005….

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Finance Papers and Essays

In finance term papers and essays you will deal with different types of assignments. In one case the teacher will evaluate your knowledge of the material in other case you will write a paper on the unknown topic in order to learn it or deepen your knowledge. In finance term papers, research papers and essays you will deal with numbers but write your evaluation, suggestions or projections with regards to these numbers. Sometimes you will need to write about current issues that are discussed in financial press or some innovation.

If you are writing finance term paper or essay which is based on given numbers, make sure that your paper matches the following requirements:


Accuracy in writing depends on your choice and use of words, to ensure you convey the intended message. The accuracy of any statistics reported also depends upon care in planning the enquiry or investigation from which they were derived, care in observing and in measuring, and care in recording and analyzing data. No amount of care in analyzing data, or presenting the results of the analysis, can compensate for lack of care in earlier stages of the work.


You try to ensure that the thoughts in the mind of the receiver are identical with those in your mind, by: (a) considering what the reader needs to know and why the information is needed, (b) conveying just this amount of information, with enough supporting detail, (c) choosing words familiar to the reader, and (d) using them in well constructed, unambiguous sentences. …

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