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20 Essay Topics on Alzheimer’s Disease

This is the second part of our three-part guide. We are sure that the previous part 10 facts on Alzheimer’s disease for an expository essay proved to be very helpful in gathering research on the subject. It’s now time to assist you in locking on a single topic.

There is just so much information to be found on Alzheimer’s disease and we understand it must be like picking a needle in a haystack. However, take a read at the topic suggestions below; we’ll tell you what to expect next. There’s also a sample essay waiting for you at the end of this guide.

Here are 20 expository essay topics on Alzheimer’s disease:

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20 Topics for Drug Abuse Essay: Drug Use and Its Consequences

If you are looking for a topic on which to write your drug abuse essay and the consequences of drugs, then review the topics below:

  1. The Size of Substance Misuse and Limitations on Data for Substance Abuse.
  2. Different Trends Relating to Drug Use and How It Has Changed Over Time.
  3. History of Psychoactive Substances in the Country of Your Choosing.
  4. Reasons Why Individuals Use Drugs.
  5. Different Categories of Drugs.
  6. Government Drug Misuse Strategy and Legislation.
  7. Attitudes and Values toward Drug Use.
  8. Key Areas of Response to Drug Use.
  9. Signs and Symptoms of Misuse.
  10. Popular Drug Use Paraphernalia.
  11. Range of Services Available for Drug Misuse and Organizations Available for Help.
  12. Issues Associated with Alcohol Misuse.
  13. Different Drinking Habits and the Effects of Alcohol Consumption.
  14. Myths about Drug and Alcohol Use and Ways to Respond to Alcohol Abuse.
  15. What Communities Can Do to Help Fight Substance Abuse.
  16. Why Community Responses Are Necessary and What Barriers Exist for Community Based Action Plans.
  17. Personality as a Factor in Drug Abuse.
  18. Importance of Knowing First Aid in Helping People Fighting Drug Misuse.
  19. Barriers in Effective Communication with Young People.
  20. The Screening Process for Drug Use and Its Effectiveness.

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20 Expository Essay Topics on Sanxingdui Culture

If the Sanxingdui culture is part of your syllabus this semester, chances are that your instructor may give you a research assignment to help you better understand this mysterious, long-forgotten civilization. However, if you delay working on your assignment, you may be too hassled to begin coming up with a more specific topic. This is especially true if you have to write an info-packed expository essay. Luckily, we are here to help.

If you are having trouble with expository essay topics on this culture, we have a list of 20 relevant and interesting topics you can explore and write about….

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20 Topics on Evolution of Human Behavior for an Expository Essay

If you are in need of a good topic to use for your expository essay on the evolution of human behavior, then consider the list of twenty topics below. Remember that each of these topics is quite wide which means that in most cases you will need to revise the content, narrowing it down until you have a topic on which you can adequately write for the number of pages required from you. This means that almost any of the twenty topics listed below can be refined using a specific theory, researcher, time period, location, gender, age, study, book, or any other demographic. You can also use the same demographics to expand any topic listed below so as to fit a larger expository essay assignment, such as an assignment which spans more than ten to twenty pages in length:…

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20 Topics on the History of Art for an Expository Essay

If you need interesting expository essay topics for your next writing assignment on the history of art, there are many ideas from which to choose. That being said, if you need some help getting started, consider the following 20:

  1. Religious Influence on Artwork
  2. How Art Depicts Religion
  3. Art as Historical Documentation for Buddhism
  4. Late Renaissance Artistic Tendencies
  5. Baroque Artistic Tendencies
  6. How Art Emphasized Relationships Between Political, Social, and Economic Atmospheres
  7. Transitional Artistic Periods of Time
  8. The Utilization of New Components for Human Features and Natural Beauty
  9. Biblical Depictions
  10. Paintings Versus Statues
  11. Mannerism Influence in Italy
  12. The High Renaissance Influence for Italian Composers and Artists
  13. Ancient Greek Artwork
  14. Ancient Native American Art
  15. How New Artists Include Themes and Techniques of Older Generations
  16. History of African Art
  17. History of Asian Art
  18. Cultural Influence In Artistic Trends
  19. How Local Natural Elements Influence Artistic Design Around the World
  20. Changes in Historically Important Artistic Periods

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Expository Essay Topics

In this article you will get familiar with the basic rules and strategies which are important to keep in mind while writing an expository essay.

Expository essays are the essays in which information, explanations about the subject or definitions about a particular are the primary requirements. The best way to present an expository essay is using the combination of facts and statistical information about the subject chosen. Describing the matter using examples is very important part of an expository essay. Writing your expository essay using different examples will give it a better look….

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