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The War Measures Act Essay

September 9, 2010

Free example essay on The War Measures Act:
I found the War Measures Act by going to the University of British Columbia Law Library and asking the librarian for help. I asked if he could help me find the act, and he proceeded to lead me to the stacks where it was located. In this report, I will examine the contents of the act- specifically the balance of power between the Governor in Council and Parliament, as well as the historiographical context surrounding its creation.

The War Measures Act is based in World War One. World War One started surrounding the various alliances present in Europe at the time. Serbia, which was ruled by Austria-Hungary, was thrown into chaos by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and Russia, an ally of Serbia came to it’s defence. France was allied to Russia, thus the French came to Russia’s defence. Great Britain was also allied to Russia and France, in addition to promising to defend Belgium’s neutrality. “When Germany invaded Belgium, Britain declared war.” (1.) Now, Canada, which was still ruled politically by Great Britain, was automatically committed to the defense of Great Britain….

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