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Global Recession Term Paper

Sample term paper on Global Recession:
All over the world, headlines of the newspapers are talking about recession. Recession can be defined as the slowing down of business processes or activities. As a result, it has affected the world’s economy. The prices for goods and services have sky rocketed, companies are doing badly and the stock markets are not doing well. This has been transferred to the lives of people. Many people are struggling to earn a living so that they can survive in this poor economy. Therefore, people have been affected socially and economically thus making the relevant authorities to try to find solutions to solve the problems.

In many people’s discussion, the main topic is what caused the global recession. According to analysis, the American housing project is one of the causes. The government created a good system to lend people with so that they can be able to afford houses and as a result, the rates of inflation went up (, 2008). Another cause of the recession is the rise in fuel prices. Almost all the commodities made by different companies must have used fuel either directly or indirectly. All this has emanated from the US trickling down to the other countries; thus, becoming a global issue. Therefore, the rise of fuel and housing projects made the cost of the different commodities to rise resulting to the recession….

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