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Essay on Branding The Five Senses

September 22, 2011

The five senses are the physiological capability that provides inputs for perception in organisms. These senses and their theory, classification and operation are overlapping the variety of studied topics in diversified fields. The branding of the five senses has experienced a wide variety of changes since 1960 thorough explanation of various theories. The branding has affected the branding management which is an essential component in today marketing (Thomas, Hutt & Michael, 2004, 16).

Seeing or vision refers to the eyes ability to detect and focus of the light visibility on retinas photoreceptors. The branding of an eye has experienced a wide range of theories since 1960 on which various terms have been associated with it. Generally, it generates electrical nerve impulses for varying brightness, colors and hues whereby the rods and cones are involved in the color and light sensitivity of the brand. In 1985 seeing was branded as a process whereby an eye actively participates in visionary acts sending the message to brain for review. The branding of hearing was most prominent in 1991 when Ramachandran Vilayanur, a professor of University of California, San Diego in neuroscience points out that hearing is a good rule of thumb in our sunlight world. There was some disagreement on this sense as to whether this constitutes to other planets as it collaborates with the other one, two or three senses. Neuroanatomists have come up with various perceptions on the theories that have taken place in defining the hearing concept and its influence from the brain. A drink company took its gin and repackaged it in a transparent glass for the consumers to see the rich combination of its ingredients (Lindstrom & Martin, 2007, 49). The move to repackage was later followed by big portfolio of advertisement which highly focused on the colorful flavors as well as aromas to convey the sense of smell….

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