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How to Write a Descriptive Essay on the Enneagram Personality Types

Descriptive writing is a unique form of creative writing whereby you describe an object, emotion, situation, person, etc… You are forced to create a written account of something by way of artistic freedom.

When writing a descriptive essay on the Enneagram personality types, you want to describe your topic in such clear a fashion that the reader walks away with a clearly formed impression in their mind which matches the one in yours.

Writing should function as a focused expression of your studies and your thoughts. As your writing skills are honed, your perceptions and your critical analyses and creative skills will improve too. Writing in this sense is essentially the development of your ideas. Your objective here is to convince your reader that you have sufficiently supported the concept you developed. You must maintain tight organization and sufficient control over your writing. To do this, you need to have a central idea which is your thesis, with several paragraphs which grow systematically from this thesis in support of it, and all of the information you include needs to contribute the understanding the reader has of your thesis. In order words:…

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How to Write a Great Descriptive Essay on Life in Kenya

November 18, 2015

When writing a descriptive essay, you must first select the topic of your work. The topic could be any range of things such as a flower or a desk, your favorite place to read, or an inspirational person. What is most important here is that you must be personally familiar with the object of your writing. You cannot, for example, write a decent descriptive essay on a beach that you have never visited or about the perfect chocolate cake that you have never eaten.

Once you have selected your topic, you must take some time to brainstorm what attributes you can recall, what attributes satisfy the five key senses. Your goal here is to precisely convey each sense so that the person is able to sense everything you do.

If, for example, you are describing a non-native flower that bloomed in your garden overseas, you want to do more than state that the flower was beautiful or had a powerful fragrance. You want to explain the color of the leaves, petals, stem, and stamen.

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