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10 Facts about Domestic Violence / Sexual Abuse in Indian Reservations for a Critical Essay

February 2, 2016

If you are tasked with writing a literary analysis or a critical essay on topic of domestic and sexual abuse, violence and assaults on Indian reservations, it is important that you back up each claim you plan to make with evidence. Evidence can come in the form of facts, such as statistics, quotes from experts, as well as results from official studies or census data. That said, below you will find some interesting facts that you might be able to use for your next piece of critical writing on the subject of Indian abuse in reservations:…

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10 Facts on the Dangers of Antibiotics for a Critical Essay

December 11, 2015

Before you set everything up for writing a critical essay about antibiotics and their negative effects, you should make sure you know what you are talking about. Here are ten facts that will help you find your footing in this complicated topic.

1. Antibiotics Kill both Harmful and Useful Bacteria Indiscriminately

Surely, antibiotics have saved the lives of millions of people by eliminating the pathogenic bacteria that are the cause of vast majority of infectious diseases. However, we should remember that human intestines naturally contain around 100 trillion bacteria that are not only useful but essential for our well-being. Using and especially overusing antibiotics may throw the delicate balance out of whack, causing a wide range of syndromes ranging from annoying to fatal….

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Critical Essay Topics

When we hear the word “Critical”, for us it resembles to panicking and confusion and that is why we say it is one of the difficult types of essays. It usually is even difficult for students even to start thinking on it. As for many of us, the word “critical” always takes us to a negative state or situation but, fortunately, it is not always true for critical essays. Critical essay papers always reflect skills of the writer. So, critical essay writing requires high critical analysis skills and a definite direction in order to give the essay a proper and solid ending….

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Critical Essay Writing

January 3, 2008

An essay is simply a write up that aims at discussing in a short way, a chosen topic. This discussion can appear in the form of an analysis or a description of events, features etc, and can take any varied size in length. The term “critical” captures the element of one’s attitude towards a particular topic. It also signifies the approach one adopts to writing, an attitude that seems to weigh factors that are going to shape the final results of the write-up. In this regard we can say that the aim of a critical essay is to assess the strengths and weaknesses of another authors article or book, taking into account the methods that were employed to deliver the important themes.

Critical essays usually take the following general format:
It begins with the introduction. In this section, the critical essay must state its purpose. In many occasions, a simple thesis statement achieves stating the purpose. The most important thing in writing effective thesis statements is to include some supporting ideas in your critical writing essay.

2. The next step in your critical writing project is to flesh out the body of the essay. The best way to approach the completion of this part is to critically analyze and defend supporting ideas to your opinions about the essay. In this regard, approach the body of your critical writing essay as though you are merely listing down a string of supporting ideas that others have put forward and which you are commenting on as a critic.
Listing out supporting ideas in your critical essay writing must begin with the strongest supporting ideas, down to the least significant. The main points to note in this regard is that each introduction of a supporting idea in critical writing must have a smooth transition to the topic sentence. Once the topic has been introduced proceed immediately to discuss this supporting idea. Discussion of these ideas is better presented with in-depth analyses that are backed up by appropriate examples that are derived from the text of the paper you are critically writing about.
Once this is done, the discussing on this supporting idea should be concluded by your opinions as to how it supports your position in this critical essay writing. Begin the next supporting idea in much the same way as you have done the first, starting with a smooth transition. To make your critical writing essay look more professional, do not analyze a lot of supporting ideas. Pick out three to five significant ideas and develop them.

3. The last step in the critical essay writing is to formulate an effective conclusion. As stated above, introduce the conclusion stage with a smooth transition from the conclusion of the previous supporting idea. The best way to make this transition statement distinct is by formulating it in such a way that it attempts to reflect back to the thesis statement in the critical writing essay. Once this is achieved, look at the major points listed in the essay. Restate them for emphasis.

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