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Commissioning and Final Acceptance of Projects

October 9, 2013

This paper highlights the ways in which to handle conflict between contractors and clients. In this sample, the contractor was tasked with the construction of a building. However, during the commissioning process of the building, an inspection report by a building inspector and engineer revealed that there were minor defects in the HVAC system. Therefore, as the agent representing my client, I am tasked with dealing with both the client and the contractor so as to come up with an amicable solution with regards to the problem at hand.

Commissioning Process
The commissioning process was done by a professional building inspector and engineer as stipulated by the contract between the civil engineer and the representatives of the client. The contractor was to deliver the building as fully operational. The same company was to be paid a lump sum that would cater for all costs. This would include the hiring of another electrical firm to handle all electrical installations. The HVAC system was part of the electrical system. However, the main contractor wanted to be paid an extra sum to repair the HVAC system but the client refused to do so stating that those were not the terms of agreement as stipulated by their contract. Therefore, I acted as the mediator in this case. “The primary benefit of mediation is risk and cost control. Because the parties arrive at the solution, the disputants maintain control of the entire process.” (Kelsey 2010: 1)….

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