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20 Topics for a Sample Essay on Evolutionary Biology

Welcome to our second guide where we discuss 20 topics for a cause and effect essay on evolutionary biology. These topics will eventually help you kickstart the writing process without spending too much time or energy on unnecessary research or deciding what to write about.

Furthermore, we’ve also included a sample essay hand picked from one of these 20 topics, so you can have a good idea of how a cause and effect essay should be written. You can replicate our essay if you want, but after reading all our guides, we assure you that you would be effortlessly writing a superb essay on your own.

If you haven’t already gone through our first guide, 10 facts for a cause and effect essay on evolutionary biology, we urge you to read that before going further, as our first guide helps you build a solid foundation on the subject matter, so you can have a proper context to base your writing on.

You also do not want to miss out on our third guide, how to write a cause and effect essay on evolutionary biology, which clearly explains how a cause and effect essay is written, how it’s formatted and what the outlines and methods are, in order to make it stand out in every way.

Here are 20 topics on writing an evolutionary biology essay:

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20 Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Biomedical Physiology

The study of the functions of the human body, its reactions to both chemical and physical elements and how this understanding can be put to use in solving health problems in humans is what biomedical physiology is all about. And from time to time, students studying science related courses may be asked write essays on biomedical physiology which can be somewhat difficult due to the amount of research that must be put in to ensure accuracy.

This article is written to serve as a guiding light to those who are entirely in the dark on how to go about writing an essay on biomedical physiology. Here, a diverse list of cause and effect essay topics on biomedical physiology will be provided in order to help students create a writing structure from scratch. Also, a sample essay using one of the listed topics will be included and can be viewed as a road map on writing cause and effects essay.

20 Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Biomedical Physiology:

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20 Topics on the Rise and Fall of the Food Movement for a Cause and Effect Essay

If you have gone through our first guide – 10 facts on the rise and fall of the food movement for a cause and effect essay then you are on the right track. In this second guide, we’ll not only discuss 20 food essay topics but also demonstrate how to write a sample cause and effect essay on the food movement, for your convenience. This will help you greatly when you want to choose a relevant topic for your essay.

Here are 20 topic suggestions on the rise and fall of the food movement for your essay:

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20 Topics on Pork in the Middle East for a Cause and Effect Essay

Writing a cause and effect essay is a great opportunity to explore both causes and effects of specific things in the world. When writing about pork in the Middle East, it is particularly interesting to explore what caused people historically to avoid eating pork and what causes people today in modern societies to avoid it too. Equally interesting is exploring the impact that abstaining from pork has had on many societies, particularly in terms of their economy and their health care systems. There are many different beliefs pertaining to pork in the Middle East due to the fact that there are so many religions in the same geographic region. What these religions all seem to have in common, however, is the fact that they tend to avoid pork and pork product. In some countries visitors cannot find pork on the menu or in stores while in other countries the other believers will abstain from pork but still sell it to tourists.  There are historical reasons why people change from the consumption of pork to the consumption of chickens but the taboo of pork consumption can be traced back to the explosion of certain religions in the Middle East. In any case, below are 20 topics you might use:…

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20 Topics on Economics of Climate Change for a Cause and Effect Essay

If you are facing an essay on the economics of climate change, you need to first settle on a topic. Below are twenty great topics that you might be able to use for your writing assignment:

  1. The Growth of Solar Panel Installation Jobs
  2. Birds Change Migration Patterns and Other Animals Are Going Extinct because of Loss of Natural Habitat
  3. How Warmer Climates Kill Krill Shrimp and Influence Human Food Supply and Economic Costs
  4. How Scientists Measure Climate Change and Predict Problematic Changes in Weather
  5. How Melting Ice Caps Discourage Frequency of Hurricanes but Increase Severity
  6. How Climate Change Adversely Affects Agriculture Leading to Increased Economic Costs and Social Instability
  7. How Rising Sea Levels and More Severe Storms Affect Animals and Their Habitats Leading to Issues of National Security and Food Shortages
  8. The History of Solar Energy and Wind Energy
  9. Solar Thermal Energy and the Capture of Sun with Curved Mirrors Compared to Historical Solar Energy Methods
  10. How Wind Energy Derives from Solar Energy by Way of the Sun’s Hot Air Raising to Meet With Cooler Air
  11. Wind and Kinetic Energy Being Converted Into Electricity Compared To Costs of Traditional Energy
  12. How Capturing Wind Energy Requires Kinetic Energy with Electric Turbines Is Similar to Windmill Energy Collection
  13. How Wind Energy Fields Have Created Wind Energy Jobs
  14. How Economic Growth Is Affected by Climate Change
  15. How Faster Onset of Droughts and Food Shortages Influences Social Stability
  16. How Natural Disasters Like Floods or Hurricanes Threaten National Security
  17. How Humanitarian Crises Following Climate Change Require Government Responses
  18. How Military Assistance for Climate Change Disasters Increases the Need for Advanced Planning and Environmental Re-evaluation
  19. How Changes in Environmental Policy for Climate Change Require Additional Time and Money from Governments
  20. How Military Assistance for Climate Change Disasters Increases the Need for Environmental Re-evaluation

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20 Topics on “Living Downstream” by Sandra Steingraber for a Cause Effect Essay

If you are tasked with writing a cause and/or effect essay on the book “Living Downstream” written by Sandra Steingraber, then chances are you are facing the most challenging part of the writing process: selecting your topic. Picking the perfect topic can be difficult, at best, especially when you consider how many great topics there are in relation to this book. Thus, below you will find twenty topics that might be beneficial for you, or useful for your next assignment.

Remember that these are only meant as a guide and may not be specifically applicable to your assignment:…

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20 Topics on Chinese Students’ Discrimination in the US for a Cause and Effect Essay

New students who come to America either for a full scholarship or even a partial study abroad program face many forms of discrimination in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Below are some topics on the subject matter to help you select a cause and effect essay topic for your next assignment:

  1. How Some Chinese Students Who Do Not Read or Write in English at Fluent Levels Are Unable to Properly Understand Any Forms They Are Required to Fill out, often Resulting in Misunderstandings about Things such as School Policy or Legal Matters
  2. How Chinese Students Do Not Receive Interpreters and May Be at a Disadvantage in terms of Medicinal Treatment They Need while Attending School in the United States
  3. How Chinese Students Face Barriers in Their Belief System
  4. How Chinese Students Might Find It Difficult to Find the Medical Attention They Require
  5. How Chinese Students Are Mocked by Other Subgroups in the Classroom
  6. Racial Slurs and Racial Discrimination Chinese Students Face in and out of the Classroom
  7. Discrimination against Chinese Students in the Food Available through Student Food Programs and on Campus
  8. Discrimination against Chinese Students in the Sports and Athletic Options Available to Students, such as Football and Soccer but Not Thai Chi or Kickboxing or Yoga
  9. Discrimination against Chinese Students in the Form of Ignorant Comments and Questions
  10. Discrimination against Chinese Students by the Government or Authority Figures Who May be Suspicious That the Student Is Conducting Cyber Warfare
  11. Discrimination against Chinese Students after They Complete Their Education, by Not Allowing Them to Get Jobs in and Remain in the United States, Forcing Them to Return Home with All of the Knowledge They Learned for Free in America
  12. Discrimination against Chinese Students in terms of Housing, Whereby Many Are Placed with Other Study-Abroad or International Students, often from Conflicting Cultures as a Way to Force Immersion
  13. How Chinese Students Face Social Differences without Any Guide of Proper Behaviors, Turns of Phrase, and Demeanors in America
  14. How Chinese Students Might Be Unaware of Proper Greetings or How to Use Body Language and Physical Contact
  15. How Chinese the Fact that Students Might Not Understand Colloquialisms and Proper English Taught in Schools May Be Grounds for Mocking
  16. How Chinese Students May Be Limited in Their Transportation Abilities
  17. How Chinese Students Face Discrimination in terms of The Classes They Can Take, often Only Allowed to Select from a Predetermined List for International Students
  18. How Chinese Students Face Discrimination by Teachers and Administrators Who May Have Cultural Conflicts.
  19. How Chinese Students Face Discrimination by Military Personnel Who May Be Biased because of the Cyber Warfare with China
  20. How Chinese Students Face Discrimination in terms of the Language and Terms Used by Culturally Centric People Which Might be Offensive to Someone of Chinese Background

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Cause and Effect Essay Topics

The main idea and direction of cause and effect essays can be derived from the caption itself. Cause and effect essays are the essays concerning the causes of some incidence and its aftermaths or consequences. Cause and effect essays are one of the common ways of discussing and organizing ideas.

Prior to writing your cause and effect essay you must try to investigate the relation between the cause and the relating effect of it. For example obesity, you must try to find what were the causes of obesity? Like the hormonal imbalance, psychological problems, medications, improper diet, hereditary problems etc. …

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