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Advertising in Society

March 4, 2008

Beyond doubt, advertising is as old as the first market. Right now it is an inseparable part of our lives. We can see commercials everywhere: on TV, in newspapers and in streets. We really ought to lay our account with this issue today. Advertising companies influence our minds beyond measures on our society, but is this impact positive or not?

We often lay at the door of some companies, using “aggressive management” to win a market. All sorts of corporations do it with two purposes: to lay hold on the market and raise as much money as possible… This means they create a strong positive image of a hero, who promotes some brand. …

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February 29, 2008

Our creditors are heavily involved with sharing, selling, and releasing our personal identifying information for profit. Like the businesses and companies we deal with, we all have different credit backgrounds so we will all have different creditors that we deal with. For right now, let us talk about who some of your creditors might be. …

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Business and Companies

February 29, 2008

The businesses and companies at this higher level are the ones that buy and collect information from the smaller businesses that we deal with directly to do our business. To better understand the difference between the levels of these businesses, we have included the diagram below to help illustrate these relationships….

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Who Sells our Personal Information?

February 29, 2008

This essay is designed to help us identify our creditors and those businesses and companies we deal with on a regular basis in our daily lives. To prepare for future chapters, we are going to have you start creating a list of all your creditors and all those businesses you deal with on a regular basis that have your personal identifying information….

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International Business Summary

February 28, 2008

There was a time when travelling around the world in 80 days symbolized a great feat in travel and exploration. Today, travelling the world in a day is becoming as common as buying a loaf of bread. As our world become smaller, businesses find that they must adapt to the new world economy and environment. For Multi-national enterprises (MNE)s this poses a challenge to be ahead of the game when it comes to being competitive. More specifically, MNEs must decide how to progress their agendas for the future world of business through their Human Resources Management (HRM) policies, which plays a critical role in a businesses success….

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Job Design is Only for the Benefit of the Employing Organization and Has No Motivational Benefit for the Employee What So Ever.

February 15, 2008

Repetitive work for 8 hours a day, day after day can often cause health problems for employees as well as lead to ineffectiveness. In order to reduce the negative impact of monotonous jobs, improve the organization of tasks to streamline efficiency, job design concept was introduced. Job design and work organization is the specification of the contents, method and relationships of jobs to satisfy technological and organizational requirements as well as the personal needs of job holders (Accel Team). Job design is about the ways to organize a set of tasks, or an entire job. Some argue that job design improves workers’ motivation and dedication to work. However, at a closer examination, job design can only contribute to the better efficiency within an organization, eliminate some health problems, but will not impact employee morale and enthusiasm at work.
Rearranging activities can help alleviate fatigue and/or boredom according to Environmental Health and Safety Office (University of Toronto). For example, ergonomically designed workstations will not eliminate all problems for individuals who continuously perform repetitive, monotonous work. Generally, health complaints can be significantly reduced if workers are given a variety of tasks, and some control over their work….

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“Truth” is More Important during Periods of Change and Uncertainty than “Good News.”

February 13, 2008

It is widely believed that one can fool anybody for all time, one can fool everybody for a short time but it is impossible to fool everybody for all time. This is the focal point of the above statement. I believe that an organization is a long termed project and not just a sort termed profit making scam. To attain success in the long term and attain success an organization must look into issues that would help the organization in the long term. One such issue is to maintain sustainability over a long period of time and to attain sustainability the most important variable related to an organization is Trust with a capital T. It is this trust that helps an organization to be fruitful and develop. By using the word ‘trust’ it is not meant to be applicable to any specific firm or individual. It is not only applicable towards clients and suppliers but it is relevant to everybody associated with the company or organization….

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Electronic Commerce and Focus on Core

February 12, 2008

Many factors contribute to a company’s success or failure. Company is defined by more than just its product or service. An effective organisation has much strength in its favour to remain competitive. Factors such as: flexibility, creativity, openness to use of technology and innovations, a balance between core and context, communication across the organisation and talented employees are a must for competitive advantage (Wignaraja 2004). It is an organisation’s ability to adjust to changing times that creates a foundation for the public to admire. Integrity is crucial. Upholding the company’s value system and word to the public remains a key facet for success. Building any strategy or campaign on this premise presents the best possible and true corporate image to the public and allows for a great amount of trust to form. This paper will explore the notion that an organisation has greater ability to focus on the core when it utilises available technologies and resources to handle its context. This may mean outsourcing some of their processes in order to gain greater optimisation. First, the organisation must have the ability to value technology and innovation. Today’s telecommunication is a triumph for human ingenuity and spontaneous order. In some parts it embodies leading edge technology like Asynchronous Transfer Mode but really it is the use of new technologies combined with older ones that makes the Internet so fascinating and vital to business. Specifically the Internet ends distance limitations and it empowers individuals in important new ways to create new enterprise (Gasman 2005, p. 2). The Internet is relatively vast in its freedom. Unlike the traditional telephone, the Internet is not charged by the mile or any distance. This brings people together….

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Financial Statements

February 11, 2008

Financial statements are a source of information for customers, creditors, managers, employees, regulators and other stakeholders of a firm to assess its past and future performance. The quantity of information available from the financial statements can be quite inundating. Financial statement users, therefore, adopt ratio analysis to counter this burden of information overload and get an accurate picture of the firm performance.

Analysis of the financial statements of a company reveals important information to its stakeholders thereby leading them to make inferences about its financial condition and attractiveness as an investment.

This paper will scrutinize the financial statements of Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB), Pakistan‘s largest private bank by assets and market capitalization. MCB is the only financial institution from Pakistan that is listed on the London Stock Exchange. With its 60 year history, MCB has depicted a tremendous growth record and is listed on all stock exchanges in Pakistan with a significant market capitalization (Muslim Commercial Bank Annual Report, 2005). The financial information of MCB, as extracted from its 2005 annual report, provides an insight into the institution’s operations carried out in the year 2004-2005….

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World Trade Organization

February 8, 2008

The World Trade Organization is founded on the principle of comparative advantage, well recognized by the Modern economists, that different countries enjoy absolute advantage in the production of different goods, since they are differently gifted by the nature: it may be expensive to produce certain goods and cheaper to import. A country may have greater comparative advantage in the production of certain goods over the others.

This classical theory of economics took its practical shape in the manifesto of W.T.O which transcends all barriers imposed by the nations and emphasizes the functioning of free trade amongst the nations. Then why the feeling of unease and protests against the W.T.O which are not based on unfounded fears, but some facts of the underdeveloped nations manifest the circumstances apparent in the economic scene of their lives. The disagreements do not arise by the global trade but by the resultant affects of the globalization and the very rule of the body governing the W.T.O. if we understand the arguments of the both sides we can solve maladies believed to be caused by the W.T.O.

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