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Essay on Modernity in Australian Architecture

November 11, 2013

Australian architecture has undergone considerable evolution to reach its current state. The architectural transformations within the country had many underpinning factors. This situation enabled the country to keep abreast with the changing trends across the world, particularly within the European and the American blocks. In view of this background, this paper explores the distinctive elements in Australia’s engagement with Architectural Modernism or high Modernism.

Post-war reflection
The world war one and the great depression influenced the Australian architecture by triggering the need for a new mindset for demonstrating regeneration and growth within the country. The journey of modernization forced past traditions to give way to new styles and trends (Modern Australian Architecture, Through this, modernization promoted evolution of architecture based on the availability of technologies, new materials, as well as ideals (Howells & Nicholson 121). This opened up new possibilities and methods of achieving building and planning. …

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