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Essay on Design

January 21, 2009

The introduction of the internet has had a huge impact on most peoples lives, a new source of information and communication, and for businesses, a new area of advertising, marketing and a virtual expansion of the shop floor.

With the ever changing requirements of businesses and with all the competition that the global network forces on the market, becoming a part of the ‘internet revolution’ and having a web site that reflects the services and calibre of a business, has become paramount for most companies. Because technology is improving all of the time, the competition has become fierce and the challenge for the graphic designer to use traditional design practices in a digital environment to create attractive and functional web sites has also become competitive….

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Film, Television and Photography Essay

Writing a paper on film, television, or photography has always been a problem. In most cases it is a descriptive essay, term paper, research paper, where you need to express your personal opinion, do some research on the history and dig some information on the piece of art, and summarize the paper with some strong points.

The essay writing process always starts with a suitable topic. You need to surf around the media to find the exact topic for your essay, term paper or research paper. It can either be something from modern media, or you can try to use something famous from the past.

The best way to write a sound, logical, balanced and well structured essay on film, television, or photography is to develop a structure and outline first – afterwards write the first draft of the film, television, or photography paper, make a critical analysis of the first draft, make amendments, revisions, and based on the first draft – write the final version of the paper….

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Poetry Essay

December 29, 2008

Many of us are studying poetry right now. Poetry is something, which increases our knowledge on literature, history, mental well being, views on everything around us. At least once a year our professor give us a poem, and asks to write an essay on it, or simply asks to write a poetry essay, and lets us to decide the theme and topic of the essay.

9 out of ten students fail to write a good poetry essay due to simple mistakes, which were not explained properly in the past.

Here is a list of things you should and should not do when writing a poetry paper, not only poetry essay, but also poetry research paper, and poetry term paper:

1. The poetry you choose is supposed to be familiar to you. You can not write a good poetry paper on a poem which you have not read or read just the cliff notes.
2. The topic must also fulfill the teacher’s requirements. If the teacher asks to write a poetry paper on war, love, etc – you have to choose a good poem which represents love, war, etc….

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Claude-Oscar Monet

July 16, 2008

Monet impressionism genre and technique was based on the major themes of 18th century which were naturalism tendencies emphasized with empiricism and the unity of culture, the comprehension of nature.
Impressionism era strengthened the morality of artist in conviction that objectivity to reality was extended by pervasive impact of social and personal circumstances on perception of this reality and precise text interpretation was grasped only in the end of 19th century. The verbal explanations of art tendencies started on from 18th century socio-emotional situation define the choice of genres and techniques boundaries.

Nostalgia for Nature dictated the emotional influence on artist’s personality to look for outdoors beauty while tendency contradiction was settling indoors so as modern beauty was mainly found in the house. A further advantage of being a studio artist made Monet easier to meditate indoors than outdoors: so the studio atmosphere helped Monet to invent a progressive kind of landscape picture. …

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Essay on Music

There are many types of essays on music and music papers such as essays on classical music, essays on rap music, essay on hip-hop music, adorno essays on music and others.

For writing a persuasive essay on music, you should structure your essay on music. You may divide an essay on music into three parts – the introduction, the body of the essay on music and the conclusion.

The introduction: For a short music essay, keep your essay very concise and brief. It would be absurd to have the porch bigger than the building itself. It may be simply a sentence, or a very short paragraph. However, it should always be arresting, and pertinent to the subject of music essay. The introduction may consist of a definition or a quotation, proverb, very brief story, or general remark, leading up to the subject of essay on music….

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Essay on Art

There are many kinds of essays on art such as art history essay, Greek art essay, liberal arts essay, modern art essay, contemporary art essay, art analysis essay, language arts essay, art museum essay, renaissance art essay, pop art essay, art comparison essay, essay on the true art of playing keyboard instruments, artwork essay and essays on the blurring of art and life.

What is art essay? Art essay is an essay that describe about any field related to the subject of arts, the field can be about society as well as about aesthetics, the field can be about politics as well as relationships, the field can be about literature as well as writing, the field can be about communication as well as about human beings. The subject of arts is everywhere. For writing on all kinds of art essay topics, the writer has to follow some steps that will help him/her in writing a good essay on art….

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Has Urban Grooves Been Appreciated

Some say its rubbish and it won’t get anywhere, others say it’s the new thing and the future, but judging by the recent events in it has urban grooves music reached the point of appreciation from the renowned musicians.
Zimbabwe will one day stand up and applaud the fathers of the true Zimbabwean music.

It is not long ago that the older and more experienced musicians where the ones at the forefront of scoffing at the urban grooves campaign that saw most of the young artists being castigated for their different ways of making new contemporary music….

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Art Essays

When you are writing an art essay, you observe closely different art products such as paintings, sculptures, dramas, and symphonies in order to understand them, respond in your essay, and relate individual texts to each other and to your objects under discussion. Art itself is a very complicated term. To be sure that the subject of your art essay is an artwork, consider these 9 criteria of artistic product:

  • There should be an artist (or more than one)
  • There should be the process during which an artist shows his craftsmanship, talent, genius
  • Before the process has started there should be inspiration. After the process started – devotion with heart, head, and soul
  • There should be a basic reality known to the world or not known, outward or inward, realistic or fatalistic, of which the final product forms a true copy of this basis reality (or immediate reflection)
  • The final product, which is generally perceived as original, unique or new and therefore attractive and compelling
  • The final product, which stands the passing of the time and taste
  • The final product, which appears to the most sincere personal feelings of observer
  • The final product, which enriches the observer with new personal feelings and thoughts
  • The final product, which ultimately appeals to the philosophical nature of the observer as a human being

In art essay assignments teachers will require you to become an intelligent observer and art-critic. In order to succeed in writing good essay you should know the art elements, principles of design, and present you thoughts logically and in a coherent way. Ask yourself the following questions when you are writing your essay and do your best to answer them.

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