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Writing Causal Argument Essay on Introduction to Gender Studies

There are many ways for a student to get his or her point across and through writing. One of the best methods happens to be through the use of a causal argumentative essay. While we believe most students know the basics for creation of an argumentative essay, some of you may just be hearing about it for the first time.

A causal argumentative essay is simply an essay where the use of compelling arguments to pass your opinions across is allowed. But unlike the argumentative essay, here you are also allowed to write informally to your audience. So here are some tips on writing a compelling causal argumentative essay….

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10 Facts for Causal Argument Essay on Introduction to Gender Studies

First of all, gender studies is simply a refined name for women studies due to the fact that most people mistake it solely for studies about women. Therefore, before commencing with the facts we intend to provide for writing a causal essay on gender studies, I believe an introduction to this subject matter is important.

Gender studies are the field of discipline devoted to gender identity and gender representation. Disciplines include the study of gender and sexuality in the field of literature, human development, historical contest and race/ethnicity. This makes it a rather vast yet insightful field.

Now, students who have been charged with writing on gender studies may have some difficulties due to its vastness and this article is written to help. Here, you will find some interesting facts on gender studies to kick start your essay….

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Writing on Point Argumentative Essay on Microeconomics

February 22, 2017

To recap what we have learned throughout our guides, we first discussed 10 facts for on point argumentative essay on microeconomics, where you learned 10 credible pieces of evidence on microeconomics, helpful for  composing your argumentative essay. Along with the facts, you must have also gone through the seven references, which can be used to explore the issues in detail.

On the other hand, we also discussed 20 microeconomics essay topics in our second guide, which must have helped you choose particular subject/topic on which you can start writing immediately. You must also have gone through our sample essay, which, we bet, you have found informative. Apart from that, we’ve also included references that you may use later for more research.

However, this final guide is something else. Here, we are not going to discuss microeconomics, but how you can spiff up your argumentative essay and make it exemplary – leaving your teacher or professor under strong impression. With that said, let’s get started:…

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10 Facts for Argumentative Essay on Microeconomics

February 22, 2017

Welcome to our first guide on how to write an argumentative essay on microeconomics in no time. This article is one of the three guides that we have shared with you. Each of these guides shares a particular purpose that will help you compose a stellar argumentative essay on microeconomics so you can get those marks you always dreamed of, saving a lot of nerves and time on research.

In this first guide you’re going to learn about some credible facts on microeconomics that will lay a solid basis  of your argumentative essay. We’ve also mentioned the references on materials from which we have collected these useful points for you.  We believe it will save a lot of your research time.

In our second guide, we talk about 20 microeconomics essay topics. These topics are relevant to the main subject, microeconomics. To be honest, these issues are for those who can’t stop gazing at their blank document. Now you can just choose one topic from the list to kickstart your argumentative essay.

As it was mentioned earlier, we have added some references so you can start researching the topic immediately. You’ll also find a sample essay written on one of the 20 topics, which may give you a clear idea of how the argumentative essay should be structured and written. Furthermore, using this essay as assistance is also a splendid idea….

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Writing a Platinum Tier Argumentative Essay on Air Pollution

November 22, 2016

There are certain situations when writing an essay could be fun for the writer and the reader. In most of these situations, you either enjoy writing because you have a vested interest in the subject matter to be discussed or you have been given a chance to dispute someone else’s claim by making a superior argument. And writing a platinum tier argumentative essay falls into this category.

In this article, the best way to go about writing an argumentative essay will be discussed to help you fine-tune your arguments using a clear and precise format to get your message across. To do this, four steps will be used to explain the process required to excellently go from introduction to your concluding paragraphs with professionalism your essay deserves….

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10 Argumentative Essay Facts on Air Pollution

November 22, 2016

Writing an argumentative essay requires extensive research of reputable literature already published on the subject matter your essay will be based on. In more extreme cases, were there are no ready data or literature to consult, a student may have to collect his or her own data using surveys or experiments due to the nature of an argumentative essay. This is because an argumentative essay is the one that requires a student to thoroughly investigate a topic, collect or generate valid evidence in order to establish a position on the subject to be discussed.

Writing an essay on air pollution falls under the expository and argumentative essay niche because it requires the use of facts to intelligently argue your stance on air pollution. But unlike an expository essay, the argumentative essay requires empirical evidence from reliable source as well as extensive research to showcase your line of reasoning to get the reader on your side. Therefore, to ease the burden of finding established facts on air pollution for your essay, below is an accurate list of air pollution facts that can help.

10 interesting facts on air pollution:

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay on Confucianism

If you are tasked with writing an argumentative essay on Confucianism you must follow the steps below:

What is an argumentative piece?

First of all, the argumentative essay is a type of writing where you must investigate your topic (have a look at our ready-made topics on Confucianism). You want to collect evidence, evaluate it, and then form your position on the topic.

1) Outlining

The first step is to write out the content you have. Start with an outline. Take your notes and combine them into an outline that shows your best organization (to gather more information you can use facts on Confucianism to enrich your notes). Then draft your thesis statement. This should be a single statement that explains the purpose of your work to the reader.

This statement belongs in your introduction where you introduce all of the content you will present in the body of your work. This is something that many students save for last….

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay on Medicalization as a Social Concept

If you are writing an argumentative essay on medicalization as a social concept, there are steps you should follow.


  • As you begin doing research for your argumentative essay on medicalization as a social concept it is important that you have certain questions in mind. These questions should drive your research with precision and guide your overall paper. Use libraries and the internet to your advantage. Both have viable resources available. If you do use the internet be sure to double check any web address you put as a reference. After you type it into the reference page, click on the link and see if it leads to the page you want it to lead. The worst thing is to write it down incorrectly and have your grade suffer as a result.

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How to Write an Argumentative Essay on Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser

An argumentative essay is usually assigned to help a student develop critical reading and thinking skills. Instructors rely on them to teach how to use evidentiary support to develop a logically sound thesis/claim.

An argumentative essay presents a balanced view of a topic. If you are assigned with a topic that is relatively controversial and incites strong levels of support or opposition, for example writing about the book “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser, you will find lots of for and against claims. It is your job to read the primary source material (in this case, the book), examine all the evidence presented, form an opinion about it, and then present it in a logically structured and coherent manner.

This handy guide will provide you with an outline and detailed instructions about the sections your instructor will expect to see in your argumentative essay. However, if your instructor has given you a specific outline, the rules of that will supersede the following outline….

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10 Facts on Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser for an Argumentative Essay

“Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal” is a 2001 book by Eric Schlosser.

Published in 2001, it goes over the mechanizations of the fast food industry. The book further goes to investigate the working conditions of a fast food industry employee as well as how fast food has become a cultural export. If you have to write an argumentative essay on this great read, here are 10 facts that can inspire your subject choice….

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