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United States History

The guideline of the present paper is to discuss how Liberalism and American Dream have helped to create and to shape the history of the most powerful country of the world – United States. The concepts of liberalism and American dream represent political and ideological tendencies and their influence is seen throughout the American experience. In responding to the topic the paper will firstly define Liberalism and American dream, secondly explain their origins and thirdly how those tendencies have helped to shape United States history. In conclusion the discussion will be about how studying history helps to understand the present….

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American Dream

America is the land of opportunities. It is a land of hope, because the early settlers were the Europeans who left their countries in search of democracy, freedom and equality. In the 20th century, America was looked upon by the world as the superpower and dream continent where people’s visions came true. America became the melting pot of world and all the cultures of the world met here. There was a thirst for fame, power and money. This opened a door of commercialization of the society. Many people became greedy and inhuman in their pursuit of fame and money.

A famous essayist, Bacon is of the view, “Certainly fame is like a river that beareth up things light and swoln, and drowns things weighty and solid.” (Of Praise 133) Instead of a healthy competition and right path towards success, many were blinded by the materialistic aspect of life. American society also saw mushrooming of commercilisation and competition among the section of people, who were ready to sacrifice anything and everything for power and fame. This destroyed their family life and career.

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