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Research Term Papers

Writing successful research term papers requires the skills of choosing a topic, focusing in on a thesis, investigating the subject, analyzing information, and reporting the results. Careful investigation of your own opinions, the facts about a situation, and the judgments of others will help you write a successful research papers or term papers.

Because research writing involves so many different skills and activities, it is especially important to be systematic in your approach. In order to complete your research term papers successfully you will need to go through several steps in your writing process. At first, you will need to analyze the paper assignment. Then, you should plan a research strategy and actually do the research paper. Conducting good research requires taking good notes and keeping good records. Before research paper writing, choose a preliminary thesis and write an outline. Only after this write the first draft. Then read the paper again and revise it, repeat revisions till you get the final result. And finally, document your sources correctly.

Writing research term papers will require a lot of work with texts from books, Internet, magazines, journals and other written sources. Simply to find the relevant material is not enough for writing good research term papers. You should use your sources effectively. The key point to quoting is not to overdo it. Inexperienced writers tend to insert too many quotations in their research term papers, using their own sentences just to link these passages. But readers only glance over long quotations. With too many quotations, certainly with more than two or three on a page, the writing will be disconnected, the argument will be unclear, and your own voice will be buried by those of others.

Therefore in order to avoid such fallacies you should limit your use of direct quotations in the paper. You should use direct quotations only in the cases when you want to provide a sample of a writing style or dialect, when a point is particularly well stated, or when the exact phrasing of a policy or a law is important to your argument. Therefore, always track the quantity and quality of your quotations. Keep yourself from including in your research papers or term papers all collected information for the topic. Use only the most important sources and make a quote as short as possible. …

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Paper Writing Help

Very often students find that paper writing is inhibited at the times when we most want or need to write. We are afflicted by writing blocks. In these case students need help of professional writers to break these blocks and to write their academic papers successfully.

In the present section of this chapter we will first examine the relatively simple question of what the causes of writing blocks might be, and then we will try to help with your writing problems by considering more difficult question of how such blocks might be removed and the flow of writing initiated or maintained.

Writing blocks may be put into two categories, procedural or psychological, depending on whether we cannot decide what to write next in the term paper or research paper we cannot bring ourselves to write anything next. There is a third general reason why writing might become difficult at times, and that might be called physical. Writing requires far more physical effort than reading, than talking or listening.

It may occasionally be the case that we are too tired to write at all, but what is more likely is that fatigue is a supplementary but critical factor when we are experiencing writing difficulties with a psychological or procedural basis. We are too tired to solve our own problems and need a help to solve them, especially since overcoming writing blocks frequently requires effort and determination. To struggle for half an hour with an unyielding sentence that is not exactly what we want to say, while we do not know exactly what we want to say, can demand the concentration and stamina of an athlete.

Procedural Blocks

Quite literally, we can be in the position of not knowing what to write next. This need not mean that we have no idea why we are trying to write in the first place, nor that we are incapable of putting words together if we know what to say in this paper. The situation can perhaps best be expressed in terms of levels of intention. …

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Academic Paper Writing Help and Tips

Don’t be scared if you have trouble getting started your paper, all writers have experienced this more than once in their lives.

Paper writing isn’t an easy task as you might think before. It requires a lot of skills, time and concentration. Sometimes you can spend days on your paper, don’t be surprised. Inexperienced writers think that there is nothing complicated in paper writing, however, if you are limited by format and topic boundaries, writing the paper becomes much more complicated task than composing an email to your friend. Here we will list and describe some techniques that will help you start writing and concentrate on your topic and main idea that you want to deliver to your audience. These techniques are listing and free-writing.


Listing is a simple way to produce information in writing. If you are creating your own paper, you can make a list of potential subjects. If you are responding to teacher’s directions, you can list what you already know or need to know about the issue of the paper. Begin by giving your list a title, a prompt that will evoke events, impressions, and ideas. Write the title at the top of a new page in your notebook, and then, working down the page as quickly as possible, list any word or phrase that comes to mind. Don’t stop to edit, organize, or evaluate the items in your list. Merely spill them down the page in whatever form they occur to you. Don’t be unenthusiastic by occasional pauses or by the strange ideas you wrote down to keep the list going. The task is to list as many as possible. It doesn’t mean that each phrase should be useful from the very beginning, you need all that occurs in your mind….

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Academic Papers

The paper, particularly term paper, is very close in the meaning to the essay but still there are some differences. While essay can also mean free-writing or personal expression of something, papers are certainly connected to the educational process. Usually when teachers assign to write a paper, you will most probably have the list of questions that you will need to answer or have specific assignment to accomplish. The idea is that you will know what you need to write about and in what form. On the contrary, essay is a broader term. Essay assignment usually doesn’t necessarily have strict and concrete frames. You can be asked to write an essay on any topic in any form, simply in order to express your thoughts or to learn to perform first steps in writing.

Nowadays it is hard to find students who don’t know what custom term paper or midterm paper mean. All students face this task at least once in their college life. In schools, colleges, and universities most of the assignments are given in the paper form. Students still have quizzes and tests but with increase in the complexity of subjects and education level more and more term and midterm papers will get through the learning process. While in school teachers want us first of all to know the theory, in the high school and college we are already asked to express our personal opinion or make researches. Therefore it is very important for the student to be a good writer. Writing successful papers requires not only knowledge but also certain skills. There are many types of essays, which students have to accomplish during their education. They are:

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Academic Paper Citation Styles

January 3, 2008

In writing any academic essay or paper the writer must usually refer to several articles or papers published by research scholars and academicians. The writer may make use of the opinions and views of these authors as such or he may choose to modify them in his own writing style. In any case citation of the work is important. By citation the writer acknowledges the source from which he derived a particular view point or opinion. This is to advise the readers that the writer has adopted the sentences or phrased from the respective works of different authors mentioned as citation in the completed paper.

The writer must use in-text essay citation when he has added a direct quote of a different author in the essay. The writer must also add in-text citation when he paraphrased an idea from another source. In-text citation is also required when some information is summarized from a single source.

There are several internationally accepted citation systems exist which are being used in the academic essays. One of the most commonly used citation style is the author-page system. The MLA system of citation is the most recognized system of citation. The Modern Language Association (MLA) has prescribed the standards of this style of citation. According to the MLA style of citation, the page number, and author’s name is to be included in a parenthesis. If the author’s name is referred in the essay it is enough the page number is included in the citation.

The MLA system is an in-text method of citing sources and includes just enough information to help the readers find the information in the works cited page

Work cited section is a part of the citation. The work cited section goes into a new page after each essay is completed. As a part of citation, the writer has to mention the phrase ‘Work Cited’ on the top of the page where it is appearing. Generally the work cited should include the name of the author, title of the article, name of the publication or journal, the year and city of publication of all the authors and their works referred in the essay.

The other citation styles are Harvard style of citation, APA (American Psychologists Association) and Chicago Styles. Essays based on legal subjects need a different form of citation and there are standards established for such citation.

The citations may cover, general hints or notes on some of the issues discussed in the essay. The citation may also cover the books, magazines, articles, research papers, speeches reported in newspapers, news items in the newspapers and also websites found in the internet. Different citation methods have been prescribed for citing these different sources in the essay. Citation is an important part of the essay. Unless a proper referencing in any of the recognized methods is done, the essay will be considered as plagiarized denoting that parts of the essay has been stolen from other peoples’ work without acknowledging the fact that such works have been used in the paper.

Usually the requirements for any essay or academic papers should mention which kind of citation need to be adopted for completing the essay or paper. It is important to follow the specific requirements in terms of the citation of the essay, term paper, research paper or dissertation.

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