What to Do the Summer Before College: Imagination Gone Wild

summer before college

Having a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders as a grown up person has made me recognize the need to rest normally. I wish I had known that 7 years ago. When I’m on my train to college, I often find myself daydreaming about what I could have done back then and how I could have spent my student vacations. 

What to do the summer before college? Oh, I have a lot of crazy ideas. Here are some of them. Please don’t make my mistakes and get the most out of this wonderful period of your life.

The Summer Before College is Best To:

  • Relax. Relaxing is a must for me as I work intellectually a lot, and I’m not going to get old from spending too much of my time at the office in front of a notebook. According to Ask the Scientists, a major type of cognitive rest occurs when you’re not actively engaged in work that requires a lot of attention.

What’s the sense of having summer breaks if they don’t allow you to reset your brain energy? How is your brain going to retain the ability to consolidate knowledge if you don’t allow it to rest, as experts insist on doing? 

  • Make memories. Summer is the most wonderful part of the year to fill your existence with bright impressions because you can do anything during these three months. Moreover, emotions are what makes you feel alive. Every opportunity to make unforgettable memories has to become a part of one’s plans for the summer before college
  • Spend time with friends. Friends contribute to a meaningful part of my life. They’re the only people who make my soul feel that it belongs to this world. Work and studies steal our attention too much. Without planning vacations with friends, a life can pass by just like that, and you won’t even notice how it ends and you’ve been lonely all this time.

Creating a Perfect Summer Holiday: A Challenge for Students

Now, you’re probably thinking about how to implement these rules in reality, wondering what to do for summer. Easier said than done, right? I understand your confusion with the need to plan your college vacation when the key point is to finally set your responsibilities and need to think aside. 

That’s why I’d love to share my favorite things you can do in the summer with readers to lighten their burden. Sharing information allows us to exchange valuable insights and promote progress in this world. And remember; your main mission in spending your summer break right is to cherish the moments of happiness thanks to the list of things to do during the summer!

Sharing Ideas From My Summer Before College Bucket List

Festivals and Celebrations

burning man

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I surely didn’t leave Florida to spend my summers in a boring way. However, sometimes, the simplest ideas are the most brilliant ones, one of which is to visit a festival. The summer season is full of exceptional concerts and unique performances. My favorite ones so far have been Burning Man and Anyma. I adore the special effects and the way the new technologies allow them to take your musical experience to another level. While Burning Man provides an opportunity to dress in a crazy way and have more fun thanks to that, when it comes to going to Anyma, you have more chances to gather a big company, especially if you want to mix it with a tour of Europe. It’s important to travel for college students while they’re young to broaden their worldviews too.

Dreamy Nighttime Roller Skating 

roller skating

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Taking a deeper look into the heart of the night, I would suggest training to get better at roller skating. Have you ever seen one of those mesmerizing videos on Instagram with a group of people skating through the empty streets before the sunrise? Once you attend such a race, you’ll never forget it, among other summer activities for college students. I’ve tried it two times already, and I want to say that you really have to prepare for it even before summer, if possible, but that it’s definitely worth the effort. Such an addition to a summer vacation for college students allows you to turn off your thoughts while the emptiness of the roads and delicate wind of the summer night make you feel like gliding on your roller skates.

A Peaceful Mountain Retreat


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If you need closer contact with nature, you can try going on a retreat in the mountains. It’s most advantageous to do so in the summer due to the softer weather conditions that allow you to take the time to sit down and rest instead of having to fight against the cold temperature or obstacles like rain or snow. If you’re lucky enough to arrange this college student trip on a sunny day, you’ll be able to enjoy magnificent views from the top of the mountain while everything is green and blooming. Spending a couple of days in the mountains like that belongs among the best things to do the summer before college because it influences your self-perception, emphasizing your strength of character and independence. 

The Joy of Playing Team Beach Sports

volley ball

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On the other hand, while going on a retreat is a rather meditative practice in comparison to all the possible things to do on summer break, there are options to spend your summer time more actively, like playing beach sports. What to do before college if not engage with your favorite hobbies? Oh my god! How much courage I used to receive from playing volleyball by the shore during my final years at school. My friends and I would divide ourselves into teams and go sunbathing afterwards just to relax, listening to the calming sound of the waves. Finishing playing sessions with a picnic on the beach with iced drinks is one more way to spend a hot summer day perfectly. 

Becoming a Real Spartan in a Spartan Race

spartan race

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Thus, if you seek a real challenge, you can participate in a Spartan Race, which takes place in different locations in the United States and other countries. Although the tickets and the sports clothes can be pricey, you’ll never regret joining such a massive event full of participants in their best physical shape and powerful positions in life. Managing to complete a Spartan Race boosts everyone’s self-respect, which can energize you for pursuing the goals. Sometimes, to restore your inner resources in summer before college, you have to disconnect from the daily routine and try doing something completely opposite to it.

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