How to stop being late and get things done on time

Doing great time management

Have you missed the beginning of a film at the cinema or come too late to your friend’s party? We can think of different reasons for being late: bad weather, traffic jams, and other things you can’t predict. However, arriving a bit late doesn’t seem to be a problem, but running the last minute to an exam, to an important meeting, or to the airport can spoil your plans as well as cause many inconveniences to you, your partners, and friends. What should you do with this chronic lateness? Can anything help cure this annoying habit?

Definitely! You will do more if you consider this disadvantage seriously and improve your schedule rather than making excuses. In this article, we will share useful tips to help you control your time smartly and complete all your arrangements.

Tips on how to manage your time effectively

If you are one of those individuals who is tardy and you can do nothing about it, this doesn’t mean you are hopeless. Upon following a couple of practical steps, you will fight this troublesome habit and find the way to be punctual and well-organized.

Define the time things actually take

Try timing yourself to see how long it takes you to have breakfast, get dressed, walk the dog, take your kids to school, get to the bus station, etc. Such a simple analysis is very effective for planning a day.

Set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier

Despite this period not being so long, it can help you do everything you have planned. Knowing you still have 15-20 minutes left will make you feel more relaxed and concentrated. As a result, you won’t leave any important things at home before going to college or to the office.

Do essential preparations the night before

This may seem like a trifle, but in practice this is a good way to fight a long to-do list. Just think: if you pick up what clothes to wear, pack your bag, wash your hair, make sandwiches before you go to bed, in the morning you will have less things to do. As a result, you can even save time to do a short morning workout or stay in bed 10 minutes longer.

Leave time for things that might slow you down

There’s always a great number of details you can’t foresee. However, if you have 15-20 extra minutes to talk to your child’s teacher, make an urgent phone call, wait for a bus, or drop into your favorite shop, you will feel less stressed and get more chances to be on time.

Wear a watch

Dead easy but it works! Put on this small timepiece to combat lateness. This piece of advice is especially useful when you have planned a lot and being punctual is the only way to make your intentions.

Manage your time smartly

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Instead of making excuses for being late over and over again, you can follow practical recommendations and become more punctual. Soon you will fill your life with many exciting events which were beyond your reach only because you didn’t know how to arrange your schedule productively.

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