5 steps to write a strong essay about COVID-19

5 steps to write a strong essay about COVID-19

No matter what department you are studying in, the COVID-19 topic is extremely popular in any sphere. Thanks to international relations and medical investigations, the modern world can handle such epidemics easier and provide more efficient help for citizens, but anyway—the loss of a beloved person is a tragedy for anyone. 

So the COVID-19 revealed a lot of irrationals in people’s minds: they are frightened, don’t trust their leaders, they are looking for someone to blame, and even are not ready for the vaccination, the main thing that can save their lives. And we see that any global challenge is a struggle within people’s minds in the first place. 

And thus, we’ve come to the question that worries you personally: how can a college student write an essay about such a complex issue? How to stay respectful, seize the emotions, and make an impact in your scientific sphere? We’re prepared some interesting insights on how to write an essay on coronavirus for you to try in your writing and reach all these goals.   

The peculiarities of writing about this topic

From the grammatical point of view, here you have some examples and references of correct usage of COVID-19 language in your essay. It’s better to apply these seemingly obvious things in practice to keep your writing consistent. We saw a few COVID-19 essay examples online, but not all of them were following of these simple rules. So be careful if you use some free web stuff as a reference for your writing. Or better, ask top experts in the field to help you compose an appropriate and correct essay on this sensitive topic. 

Another trap you can get yourself into is writing a paper solely on your personal experience. That’s OK if the topic of a task presume that you’ll do so, but if it’s about some global effects, simulating of waves of disease spreading, or other quite serious research—think twice if the whole paper will benefit from your personal opinion.   

More details on how to write about a coronavirus-related topic, we disclose below. 

Instructions on writing a COVID-19 essay: The 5 steps

1. Collect reliable sources

To write a good COVID-19 essay in English you have to collect a base for your research. If you need stats, choose governmental and international industry-specialized scientific centers (take a look at CDC) and organizations (for example, WHO) as a source. If you require an opinion, find a scientist, someone who worked with viruses and vaccines and handled epidemics before the coronavirus. They are more likely to be transparent in their explanations than bloggers without any proper education. The reliability of any source should be checked before using the information from it. No matter how much you rely on the speaker or how long you know that media, just double-check anything that is presented as a fact.

Reliable statistics helps you create an excellent COVID-19 essay

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2. Use the latest statistics

Writing a COVID-19 college essay is a task for those who aren’t afraid of the absence of data, you should get that stats from national health agencies and proper organizations, like ECDC or JHU Coronavirus Resource Center. Try to find the latest numbers to illustrate tendencies and backup facts. Be sure that you use data that was collected and processed transparently and that you have the whole information about the sample and geography of research. Because what is true for one state can be wrong for another. And even the slightest percent can describe the critical changes. 

3. Stay scientifically neutral

Avoid personal statements and emotional claims. This is one of the most useful tips on how to write a COVID-19 essay in 2022. Stay cool, even if you feel that your research reveals facts that are not matching your own beliefs. It’s only an essay, and if you have no way to avoid this sensitive topic, just do your job, don’t procrastinate, and everything will be over. Otherwise, if you put too many emotions in this bowl, it surely will blow up inside some of your readers. 

4. Stick to the structure of an essay

Even the best essay about coronavirus can be spoiled if the typical requirements are ignored. Keep the structure of your paper logically bound, make each paragraph meaningful for the delivery of the main idea of an essay. Don’t be shy to use an appropriate hook quote at the beginning to show that you are extremely serious about this essay. And when your reader understands that, help them to experience all you have ranged, from the most critical points to less important ones.

5. Create a logically connected conclusion

Keep intro and conclusion parts short and don’t make your readers fall asleep with long descriptions and wordy bypasses. Shorter is better here. Do not add any additional information that wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the essay to your conclusion. Do not try to sum up with theories and questions instead of answers and solutions. Show your conclusion in the most logical way possible in your summary. This will create a feeling of consistency in your research.

Staying consistent is the rule of thumbs for writing a COVID-19 essay

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Things to avoid while writing COVID-19 essay

Do not spread fakes. Check the information you want to use in your paper, use resources like Public Health Collaborative for that. No matter how reliable the source is, try to find where the news comes from. Even the oldest and the most popular media or research centers can be misled. 

Try not to make sad things even sadder: numbers are here to help us learn the lesson, not to create some kind of drama in your paper. English is the language of trade and agreements, not laments, if we may say so. 

Do not exaggerate the matter as it’s much more important than others. Stay attentive to the details, but remember that it’s only a regular topic of an essay, and it’s not the last one for you. This is not the first time humanity comes across a big deadly pandemic. So it’s up to us to keep ourselves intelligent and organized and save more lives as well as get more positive grades during our studies. 

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