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Admission essay

Admission essay sample:
Having served as a student representative in the school council, I have acquired leadership and values that are necessary to the students. Being a youth I identify myself with youths and fully understands the problems they face and how they can be manipulated to live in accordance with the teachings of the church .I would make use of the technology available such as use of videos and audio devices that would ensure proper communication that would enhance acquiring of skills and values required for positive living.

I attended seminars and workshops for youth development and therefore I would recommend the same for all students. During these seminars I would recommend for the involvement of the students in making presentations on various topics such as; how students can eradicate strikes and develop a sense of ownership among the students.

After acquiring knowledge in the guidance and counseling, I would share that knowledge to help students get the same. I would recommend the training of students for the same and prepare them to do the same to others. The issues to do with stress management can be taught to the students as a way of helping students to cope with the impossibilities that arise in life.

Apart from education, the students can be involved in other activities such as participation in playing of games such as football, athletics, badminton and table tennis which are highly involving and encourages teamwork. This would ensure that students learn how to relate with others and maintain peace among themselves. These are fundamental values necessary in life. The students can take part in community development and voluntary services. This would encourage the need to feel for others and be ready to help the needy in the community. The voluntary service instills virtue among the students. I have served in various organizations and I have learnt the importance of group work. Therefore, I would encourage Biblical group discussions to continue getting involved in sharing of knowledge and being guardians of morals in the society as a whole. It would also be necessary to encourage students to put into practice what is learnt in the sessions held also serve to remind each other when they go wrong. It would also be necessary to encourage students to emulate and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Through the social education and ethics that I have learnt, I would pass the same knowledge to the students. I would serve as a representative for students and act as a link between the students and the school governing body. The sensitive grievances for the students which a student will fear to present them to the school governing body, I would make them known to it. This would prevent any chaos from happening due to any disagreement or improper communication. Since students are the future leaders, it would be particularly necessary to teach them on how valuable it is to be self independence and job creator. It is necessary to mention some of the jobs that the students can involve themselves in after school. From these activities, the students would learn how to be disciplined and ethical in their future career.

I would develop a page in the social network that would promote complete engagement of students so as to prevent idleness among them which is a serious cause of evil amongst the youth. Messages concerning how to relate with others can be posted and daily updates made to ensure that the students are fully engaged and curious to know what is new in the social network. In addition to that, views and opinions of the students would be highly encouraged as long as they are of considerable contribution to the development of values that would help other students live better.

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