Why Pick Biology as Your College Major

When it comes to biology, this field of study is the number one choice for those passionate about living beings, including humans and animals. A lot of potential students make the decision to major in biology in order to expand their knowledge of natural life and perhaps get ready for their future careers in medical fields.

If you find yourself curious about earning a degree in biology, make sure you know what it is all about and check out some of the benefits of majoring in it.

The Variety of Specializations Is Impressive

Biology is a diverse area, which means in addition to a general degree, you’re free to choose a narrow subfield of study. Most of the disciplines are available at the Master’s level. Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, and Human Biology are just some of them.

You Can Try Bio-Entrepreneurship

A lot of recent graduates choose to become bio-entrepreneurs. In addition to having the opportunity to apply their skills to make this world a better place, they also benefit from it themselves. But the reality is that bio-entrepreneurship is a big deal. In fact, it is not just biology that you have to be good at; at the same time, you will have to gain knowledge in the field of business. If you don’t feel like getting a secondary degree, make sure to at least polish your skills in time management and human resources, as well as your knowledge of how companies function.

Why Pick Biology

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When it comes to the potential opportunities in the world of biology, here are some of the most popular:

  • Starting a company/laboratory focusing on genetic engineering.
  • Opening a medicine store.
  • Founding an organization specializing in providing consultation on biological and environmental issues.

The list can be continued. Consider your interests, let your imagination run wild, and be creative.

You Aren’t Stuck in the Office

If the very idea of 9-to-5 office work is like a curse to you, consider pursuing a biology degree. It’s the perfect option for those who love both studying indoors and experimenting in the open air.

Today, you’re busy with internet-enabled research and books; tomorrow, it’s time to leave your lab and test water from the local river. Not only will you have this kind of schedule while in college, but you will also keep on alternating between different activities even after graduation.

It’s the nature of your job that will become the decisive factor in setting your schedule. But something tells us that if you’ve picked biology as your major, you’ll do your best to get outside while aiming for great discoveries.

Skill Development

Studying biology in college or university requires dedication to all disciplines, hard work, and in-depth research. As a result, you’ll be able to develop and polish the important skills needed to rock your chosen career path. For instance, getting a degree in the field of biology can enhance your critical and problem-solving skills as you participate in lab and outdoor experiments. It is crucial to use all existing opportunities to take your knowledge to the next level. Is it paperwork that you’re required to complete? Approach a writing service for help. Not only will you get to work with biology experts, but you’ll also get to know how to craft quality scientific papers. Have you been assigned to write an article? Interview some local specialists in the chosen field. Build your research skills through every possible method – you’ll thank yourself later when it’s time to get your first job.

Research Engineer

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This City Needs a…Biologist

Even though it’s hard to say when the world needs new biologists more than ever before, the issues that our planet now faces prove one thing – today is the time:

  • Reducing carbon dioxide without any consequences.
  • Working on the future of the field of food supplies and agriculture.
  • Designing materials that are reusable and resistant.
  • Taking antibiotics without creating the germs that no longer respond to them.

The above-mentioned examples are just a few of the challenges that require scientific collaboration. If you know how the world around you functions and are curious to know more and contribute to your chosen field, a biology degree is key.

You’ll Take Part in Incredible Internships

On your way to a successful career, you will have the chance to intern and deal with life-changing projects that will boost your skills and enable you to help others. There’s a great variety of options to choose from – Animal Welfare Volunteer Programs from GoEco, Conservation and Ecology Internships in Swaziland Savannah from Kaya Responsible Travel, and DAAD RISE Professional from the German Academic Exchange Service, to name a few.

The main reason why you should major in biology is… the world needs you! We live in the era of the greatest challenges – from social to environmental – and experts in biology are the ones capable of finding the right solutions.

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