How to organize a St. Patrick’s Day party on your campus

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It is natural if you don’t feel like studying in early March. First of all, spring has finally begun, and second, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. A genuine Irish holiday with all the traditional feasts and celebrations is a great chance for every student to have more fun this spring. Don’t hesitate to join a Celtic parade marching through the streets of your town. St. Patrick’s is also the right occasion to drop by a local pub for a glass of Guinness, assuming of course that you are of age. Want more ideas to make this holiday special? Here are some different ways to celebrate it on campus. 

Throw a true Celtic party for a big company

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect occasion to spend more time with friends. And a party sounds like the right option for a big company. Are you ready to socialize? Here are a few tips to make this event fun for every guest.

  • Create a St. Patrick’s door design

If you want everyone to know for sure where the party is happening, decorate your dorm room doors first. You can drape it with any available green fabric and staple some hand-made shamrocks on it. Green shamrocks convey the most important part of the Saint Patrick’s Day meaning. According to legend, the patron used it to explain the Trinity when he converted the Irish people to Christianity. Print out some wishes for luck and stick them along handmade clovers to welcome your guests. Also, bring a basket of chocolate gold coins to give a small gift to everyone. 

  • Bring Irish food and drinks

Home-baked shamrock cookies would be a great DIY gift on St. Patrick for kids. However, you may find it hard to enjoy baking in your campus kitchen. In that case, you can either celebrate with four-leaf clover pancakes or cook a splendid student-friendly Guinness chocolate cheesecake, both of which are easy to make. Ask your guests to bring St. Patrick-inspired food too. Having combined your preparation efforts, your company will have plenty of dishes and drinks without spending too much money on them. 


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  • Create a Celtic music playlist

Traditional and modern Irish music is a must for this party. Consider the Dubliners and the Chieftains as the headliners of the night. These traditional Irish bands are increasingly popular for their folk tunes. Make sure to include other popular punk-rock bands, like Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, and the Rumjacks. You may also like Orthodox Celts, though they are not technically Irish. And you most likely know Hozier, U2, Sinead O’Connor, and Van Morrison. Their music is international and worth adding to your playlist too. 

  • Request a dress-code

On this occasion, it will be fun if you and your guests choose to wear green clothes or clover-shaped accessories. It is a great opportunity for everyone to express their creativity and pick DIY accessories for the party. You can get inspiration from looking at festive crowds at a St. Patrick’s Day parade. You can also read more about traditional Irish clothes and use them when making up your dress-code.

If you are not up to organizing a big Saint Patrick’s Day 2020 celebration, here are a few more  scenarios for how you can spend this day together with a few of your closest friends or loved ones. 

Share a feast with your best friends

It’s alright if you are not a party person. You can always gather your besties and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day together. Here is what you can do: 

  • Take advantage of local celebrations

If you are not a fan of campus parties, check out what is going on in your town. Joining a St. Patrick’s Day parade would also be super fun for you and your friends. It is a perfect time to enjoy special street food and participate in contests. Don’t forget to design a fun costume and take pictures of the celebration. 

Irish parade

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  • Take an Irish dance class

Your school or college may not have an Irish step dance troupe, but St. Patrick’s Day is your chance to not only watch dancers in beautiful folk costumes but also to take an authentic dance class after the parade is over. 

  • Have dinner at an Irish pub

Many American cities have an Irish pub. It’s definitely going to be really crowded on St. Patrick’s Day, but you can still drop by for a cup of coffee if you don’t drink Guinness or other alcoholic drinks. In fact, different cafes may offer traditional Irish food on this occasion, so that you can pick a nice place to eat out on St. Patrick’s. 

If for some reason you don’t fancy public activities and want to spend this time resting, here are some more St. Patrick’s Day ideas for you. 

Arrange a movie night

College life can be complicated, and sometimes you just need more time for yourself. When everyone else is going out to celebrate, it can be the perfect moment for you to get some more rest. You can have a splendid movie night with some Irish food and an Irish film. Here are our top picks for Saint Patrick’s Day 2020.

  • Ondine

This Irish drama starts like a fantasy movie about a fisherman who catches a mermaid in his net. Colin Farrell, one of the most popular Irish actors, perfectly fits the image of a recovering alcoholic fisherman, Siracuse, who also takes care of his sick daughter. However, what at first looks like a romantic fairy tale unwinds into an exciting action movie capable of hooking even the pickiest of viewers. 

  • Calvary

If you are a fan of the best Irish films and actors, you can’t let St. Patrick’s Day pass by without Brendan Gleeson and the Calvary movie. This black comedy tells the story of an Irish priest who is threatened with death by an unseen person during confession. The movie may turn out more comedic than criminal, but it is definitely worth seeing.

  • The Boys & Girl from County Clare

This one is definitely a classic of Irish cinema. A comedy about a traditional Celtic folk band gets romantic when the musicians face a beautiful lady-competitor at a local contest. This movie is totally upbeat and capable of lifting your spirits better than a glass of Guinness. 

Whatever St. Patrick’s Day scenario you choose, be sure it will bring you lots of fun and joy. After all, the right mood and a company of good friends make a great recipe for any kind of party. 

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