How online traveling helps to escape quarantine

Nobody expected to become isolated in the 21st century. Students from different parts of the globe have to stay at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, which is difficult. After all, young people have got used to traveling and being active at all times. International students are suffering even more than others. They are stuck in their apartments in a foreign country worrying about their relatives and friends living in their motherland.

There are other negative outcomes that quarantine may lead to. Depression and anxiety stem directly from the lack of communication. Respiratory diseases double as a result of an insufficient amount of fresh air in students’ apartments. Serious mental health problems may emerge for those who fear them the most.

But is there any way to break free from the pandemic-induced prison and enjoy life in quarantine? We say there is if you can look on the bright side. The best way to take delight in isolation is to travel virtually. Now almost every town has web cameras that let people see places in real-time while sitting on the couch. Famous galleries, museums, and historical places provide online tours for free while theatres broadcast performances for everyone to enjoy. Getting access to web cameras is also how you can visit your home right now.

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Free web cameras for Chinese students

Chinese students suffer a lot because of quarantine. Many of them were not lucky enough to come back home before the pandemic started. People will inevitably miss their homes, and catching a glimpse of their homeland is enough to experience relief. China is one of the safest places in the world due to numerous cameras placed on every corner. Also, as a country of technological progress, it offers plenty of webcams to let people admire its many gorgeous places. These are 7 free web cameras in different towns in China for those who feel homesick to get closer to their place of birth. In brackets, you can see places where cameras are installed.

  • Shanghai (skyscrapers in the center of the city)
  • Taipei (Taipei skyscraper)
  • Hong Kong (a high tree on the south coast)
  • Fuzhou (Dongyin Island)
  • Taoyuan (Hutoushan Mountain Park)
  • Macau (Senado Square)
  • Hefei (a building on the market street)

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Web cameras in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a country full of wonders. Who would elect to lose access to its unique character and unbelievable sights? Students from the United Arab Emirates especially miss the luxurious landscapes that their home country is so rich in. The epidemic has forced many of them to stay far away from their home, but here are some web cameras that can brighten their lives.

  • Webcams of Dubai (Kite Beach, the Palm Hotel, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the Royal Tower, Umm Suqeim Beach, north and south Burj Al Arab)
  • (Abu Dhabi and Dubai)
  • My Travel Cams (Al Batha Tower)
  • Earth (the Yas Marina Circuit)
  • Skyline (Princess Tower)

Webcams in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a sovereign country where one can see luxurious landscapes, magnificent buildings, the Red sea, and the Persian Gulf. It is hard to imagine students avoiding such mesmerizing places. One of the richest countries in the world has numerous cameras that provide everyone with the best spots in the country.

Homesickness is a strong feeling, but the quarantine will end one day. At the moment, online traveling is helping international students feel better and catch a glimpse of their home while being stuck in a foreign country.

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Benefits of webcam traveling

In case you haven’t tried online traveling yet, discover some of the many benefits webcams offer to everyone.

A feeling of change. The isolation started in winter when everything was grey and dull. Now spring adds more colors and beauty to the world that nobody wants to miss. Thanks to webcams, you can enjoy the revival of nature in your home country.

Knowing what the weather is like. Many people study too far from their homeland, and consequently, students have to adapt to a new climate and time zone. Webcams can help them by showing what the weather is like in different corners of the globe at the moment.

Sightseeing. Virtual traveling is a way to visit historical places without the need to leave your house. Everyone can see new countries with the help of a laptop or cell phone and access to the Internet. Web cameras provide a real-time view of any place you may need.

Saving time. When traveling, you have to buy a ticket, go to the destination, and waste time in lines trying to catch all the monuments, buildings, and other interesting sights. Today you can easily visit different towns in full panoramic view within a couple of seconds. You can search for videos with detailed descriptions of different capitals and other impressive cities in whatever country you like.

Positive motivation. Due to online traveling, you encourage yourself to see more of the world while staying committed to your motherland. Discover new places or check out the views of your home country to cope with negative emotions and look on the bright side.

Free schedule. Webcams are available 24/7, and you can travel anytime. No need to get lost in the schedules of trains, planes, and buses when you can start your journey using the free time you have now.

It often happens that students do not have much time to travel before entering a university. International learners have an opportunity to discover other countries (as well as their own) better thanks to virtual traveling. Watching webcams can reveal wonderful places to visit after the quarantine ends. If you would need a transfer between flights, you can use this time to see the places of interest in the transfer city.

Take advantage of isolation. All you need is the internet and a digital device to be shown your country and get inspired to seek out more adventures. Enjoy online traveling and prepare to take on a real journey very soon.

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