Nursing Application Essay Examples: Best Practical Tips to Help You Write a Perfect Application

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Working in the nursing field keeps me well-updated on the expectations professionals hold for freshmen and future graduates. So let me present you with the nursing application essay examples that will grant you a university enrollment or a good scholarship. Psst, examples of nursing job application essay are also included!

3 Typical Problems in Writing a Nursing Application Essay

Although writing a nursing application is a complicated process, there is only a limited number of crucial problems you can face. I am sure you can easily deal with grammatical errors. However, many students struggle to find nursing application essay examples and more content-related tips. So, let’s cover these issues here and discuss particular nursing college application essay examples.

Problem #1: Generic content

A nursing application essay must always be specifically written for each particular college and program you are applying to. The admission committee and clinical employers have already seen tons of generic examples of the applicant’s experience and skills.

Students often write nursing application essay samples as a list of all their related interests in the field. To make your nursing college application essay examples more persuasive, saturate your letter with as many well-aimed arguments as possible.

Here is an example of overly monotonous arguments for a nursing application essay:

“I am eager to pursue a nursing career as it is well-respected, socially acknowledged, and meaningful. Nurses are often regarded as the unsung heroes of healthcare, and the respect extends out of the frames of the medical community. I have dreamed about becoming a nurse since a young age and did not change my decision over the years.”

This sample presents a nursing career similar to the reasoning of any other student who wants to get a degree. However, professional nursing school application essay examples must have more sincere reasons to pursue a career. For instance, you can briefly explain your personal story or the eagerness to understand the functioning of the human body for your and your family’s health.

Problem #2: Lack of good examples

Nursing common application essay examples are sometimes similar to the bold statement of your positive traits. For instance, essay examples may contain something along the lines of “being recommended as a good student by your school, having some experience in helping people, and having a great mission in mind.” While all these points may remain in the college application essay examples, nursing is a more demanding field than any other.

As a prospective nurse practitioner, you should be more specific about your experiences, reasons, and motives. For example, here is how you can present your career choice even if you have no related experience yet:

“I am applying for nursing school with quite vivid memories about my way to this field. Now, as I think back to my custom of thinking about body cells in literature class, it makes sense. As I think about every overly extended paper I wrote for my biology class, it makes perfect sense now. I set my mind on nursing on the day when my friend got diagnosed. But as it appears now to me, it was not a recently made decision.”

Problem #3: Lengthy or disorganized content

If you just google “essay examples nursing application,” the results may be as chaotic as the request. Then, the student may try changing the request a little bit to something like “examples nursing application essay,” or simplify it to “essay examples nursing.” But here is the moral of this analogy: the chaotic change of the variables still leads to chaotic results.

It’s the mistake many students make when they write application letters. If you see that some parts of your essay seem out of place or disorganized, please do not just move them randomly around the text. Instead, ask yourself what you want to say in this part. What are the key messages and the impact you want to make? Try again placing your content in the right spot after answering these questions.

3 Methods to Beat Common Application Mistakes and One Useful Inspiration Trick

Okay, I will be brief here to pay more attention to more examples later. I will just leave my best practical ideas on what you can do to avoid severe mistakes in application writing.

The mistakeMethodBrief example
Generic contentThink about how common reasons apply to your case.Many prospective nurses have congenial compassion for other people. Did you have cases of applying your trait in practice? Think of anything related to that quality, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a health-related case.
Lack of good examplesThink about the ideas or situations that always directly appeal to your emotions. These ideas are your true reasons that will make good examples.Do not simply write that you want a Ph.D. in nursing. Instead, think of what makes you excited about having it. Imagine that you recently finished your education. Do you want to work in a clinic, be an extern, or propose services as a private specialist? Find your true motivation and you will have your best examples.
Lengthy or disorganized contentDo not randomly switch it to something else or change the sequence inside the text. Instead, create the structure first and the content second.If your application letter is repetitive and disorganized, apply the “idea-supportive argument-example” structure to make it more coherent.

Can I use the essay samples from other fields similar to nursing application essay examples?

And here, we have a trick for finding inspiration for your application essay. For instance, here is an example of a college admission application letter for The University of Iowa’s Master in Fine Arts program. Does it relate to nursing in any possible way? No, not at all. Can it be a perfect structure or content sample for you? Yes, absolutely!

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Professional Nursing School Application Essay Examples: From Theory to Practice

I believe the most in the power of practice, both in nursing and writing. So, after examining the bad examples nursing applications, let’s dive into the good examples. I will name one good tip to use in your letters for the introduction, body, and conclusion sections and one good sample nursing application for each. If you are ready for a little practice, carefully check the explanations first and then look them up in the text.

Nursing application essay example: Writing a good introduction

A tip for your application’s introduction: You can start a nursing essay example by connecting the storytelling about your motivation for studying with the program you are applying to.

Example: “In the nursing field, I am the most drawn to the ideas of patient-centered care and community outreach. These terms are buzzwords nowadays for their overuse in all relevant medical fields, but not for me. I am solemn in my desire to study the medicine that treats, heals, and sees people, not disease blanks in the records. And that is what I found in the [ Program’s title].”

Nursing application essay example: Writing good body paragraphs

A tip for writing a good body paragraph: If you want to write a good nursing care essay, do not share your experiences and skills separately. Instead, make the causal relations between the two and showcase how you learned your lessons from those experiences.

Example: “Volunteering at [Hospital/Healthcare Facility/NHs (nursing houses)] taught me one thing for sure. I have worked with a woman in her twenties who has diabetes. The medical team did a good job treating the patient’s coronary artery disease but she was anxious about taking a sedative to relax. She had a history of medical mistakes in the family when her father had an unknown allergy to the medicine. At that moment, I understood that the patients always need to clearly understand what is happening to them and what the team does to ensure their safety. I patiently explained all the procedures step by step, including the allergy testing, and the woman’s shoulders relaxed.”

Nursing application essay example: Writing a good conclusion

A tip for writing a good conclusion: End on a positive note and talk about your desired contribution to the field or patient’s life. A nursing essay should include a circular loop of a good hook in the beginning, strong arguments in the middle, and an eye-catching conclusion.

Example: “As any other person on this planet these days, I feel anxious about politics, wars, and climate change. However, as much as I cannot influence these large processes, I can help by being in my place and doing what I can. I believe that will make enough of a positive impact to make this world a little bit better.”

Detailed structure for writing a nursing application essay

UW Nursing Application Essay Examples. 3 Tips to Adjust Your Application to a Particular University’s Requirements

Let’s say you want to apply to the University of Washington, so you are searching for UW nursing application essay samples. However, the better option is to write your most sincere application letter and then see how your priorities match the university’s requirements. Here are some ways to do that:

  1. Write a list of the university’s requirements. In another column, write all the points that match the requirements well and think about what can compensate for the lacking points. If you must write a standard essay on why you want to be a nurse, you can at least make it more customized and well-thought-out.
  2. Imagine your application is uploaded, and breathe the stress out. Now, after you imagine it uploaded, can you think of anything else you can do to make it better?
  3. If you take too long writing the application, you can’t see the forest for the trees. Instead, search for some other genres similar to nursing application essay and check what you can pick from them.

Job Applications Are Similar to Nursing Application Essay Examples. Here Is How You Prepare Them

Nursing job application essay examples are indeed similar in structure and content requirements to those for university admission. More frequently, the clinic will request your CV, resume, or portfolio rather than an essay. However, you can use an essay application form to prepare your presentation in the interview.

Here is an example of a real job description from LinkedIn that shows how to do it:

Job description example when applying for a nursing position

I hope these tips and examples will help you get into the university of your dreams! See you soon with new insider information for your studying!

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