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Know Berkeley in One-Day and Feel Like You Belong Here

Berkeley in One-Day

If you are a tourist and want to investigate the USA, then you will find many fascinating cities which you can explore. Let’s start with California, one of the USA states, and its city named after George Berkeley. One of the advantages of Berkeley is its location. It’s situated on the east shore of San Francisco Bay. So, one can enjoy a marvelous landscape.  There are a lot of places which may be interesting to you. We offer a guide that will help you avoid feeling disoriented there.

West Part of Berkeley, California

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7 Events Every International Student from California University Must Visit This Semester

December 19, 2018

International Student California University Events

The life of students shouldn’t be filled with studying only. This is a nice period of life when people are young and full of dreams. It’s important to learn how to relax and receive pleasure from life. There may be different ways to reach that state of pleasure. Each has its own advantages. For example, one may visit a special event. This case is particularly important for international students.

Why is it so good to visit different events for students from other countries? Well, one of the common and really serious obstacles for any foreigner is to understand another culture. This issue is especially important when two cultures are completely different. Many people call such a difference ‘the clash of cultures’. This creates certain problems. Under the condition, you do not understand the country, its people, and traditions, you’re doomed to never get accepted….

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Time-Management Mistakes of Working Students Above 30

December 19, 2018

Time-Management Mistakes of Working Students

The matter of time is of huge importance. This is one of those rare things nobody is able to control. It’s not even material, but it is associated with real objects. Many people seem to waste time the entire or, at least, most of their life. What are the reasons? They have poorly developed time management. This is a trouble for people of different background. However, the age plays its role as well. Every life period has its peculiarities, difficulties, and obligations. Thus, people above 30 face their own problems with management. Moreover, the difficulty multiplies if such people are the working students….

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College Life after 30: Key Difficulties of Adult Students

December 14, 2018

College Life Difficulties of Adult Students

The process of learning is always difficult. This is a long path, which is full of ups and downs. Some students cope with their tasks and liabilities faster and easier. The others struggle harder. Nevertheless, it’s really complex to gain knowledge and skills. Every student can prove that. Learning becomes more complex for older students.

It’s never too late to start or continue to study. Many people return to a college or university if they dropped it or couldn’t get into it when they were teenagers. In most cases, young people who graduated from their schools, go to gain higher education. Notwithstanding, our society has already got used to pretty old students. There are many people over 30 years and more who attend colleges. This is a very brave decision. Not all are able to study that late….

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How to Motivate Yourself for Every Day in College

December 14, 2018

How to Motivate Yourself for College

Sometimes, it’s so hard to start doing something. Some students think that there is no need to write academic papers, learn complicated things, and waste time researching. Then, a person faces a problem of finding the source of inspiration and motivation….

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The Psychology of University Procrastination: How to Fight the Beast

November 14, 2018

Psychology of University Procrastination

Every night in a university, students with an assignment to turn in the next day will almost certainly pull an all-nighter to get the assignment finished. Of course, they were given enough time to get the work done, but as students suffering from procrastination, they waited patiently for the deadline.

No matter how tough the work is, students find it extremely difficult to start working on the assignment especially if they’re not turning it in anytime soon. This not only leads to failing grades, one’s health is bound to crash under the unnecessary pressure and stress brought about by procrastination.

The biggest challenge faced by a procrastinating student is trying to exhaust a course syllabus the night before the examination. This can be pretty tasking as the body is left with no time to recover because the student has to study for the next paper. Thus it is no surprise to see a large number of the student population sick during examination periods, no surprise either that their grades are capable of giving anyone (the students inclusive) a mild heart attack.

As humans, procrastination is something we can’t push to the curb since we all happen to suffer from it. However, it becomes a disease for the one whose life is lived on procrastination to the point where it affects their grades, jobs, social life, and of course, their health. But it’s a disease that can be fought and it’s one you can win unless you procrastinate the fight….

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Internship in USA for International Students: Top Tips & Picks for 2018-2019 Students

November 14, 2018

Internship in USA for International Students

Are you an international student looking for internship opportunities in the United States? Congratulations! You are in a pool of enterprising young students aspiring to gain invaluable global working experience. Obtaining professional experience in the United States will undoubtedly give your resume an incredible boost regardless of your field.

If you are looking to fully understand or embrace American culture, attending college or becoming an au pair isn’t the only way to do it. International student internships offer the same opportunity to build a cultural foundation, as well as develop professionally….

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College Applications in November 2018: Early Action Deadlines You Can’t Miss

November 12, 2018

Early Action Deadlines in 2018

Congratulations! You have finished high school and are looking forward to the rest of your professional life and training – starting with getting into college. If you do decide to study at a university, you will become one of millions of other individuals who tie their hopes, dreams, and goals to attaining a degree.

However, applying to a college to study any discipline is no stroll in the park. You would be competing with other applicants (including foreign students) for limited admission spaces. You would need to field your A game, and that means having stellar results, appropriate documentation as well as solid references. To get a head start, you need to remember something we’ll call Early Action Application….

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Tips for Creating the Perfect College Class Schedule

November 12, 2018

Creating Perfect College Class Schedule

Signing up for classes is probably one of the most nerve-wracking activities you’ll have to deal with in college. There are a lot of course offerings, and thousands of students will be compelled to get them. As a result, it’s often an all-out war to get the classes you really want.

You’ll have to count yourself lucky if you’re fortunate enough to obtain the first set of registration slots. Those who don’t, will have to deal with the anxiety of waiting to see if the classes they want get filled up before they even get a chance at registration….

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How Adult Learners Can Bridge the Academic Gap with Ease

November 12, 2018

Adult Learners and Academic Gap

For an adult, learning is a different ball game. And if there is one thing adult learners actually want, it’s being able to live through this period with ease.

However, being an adult learner can be daunting. Going back to school and learning after a long time can be very challenging. But that it is challenging doesn’t mean that it is not achievable. Irrespective of the hurdles and challenges that may confront you as an adult learner, you can overcome every one of them and perform excellently.

Here are some tips that can greatly improve your performance and help you overcome the stumbling blocks of adult learning….

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