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Education plays a crucial part in shaping the future of people all over the globe. So it’s no wonder that picking the right academic program at a high school is an essential step to take for every child and their family.  Located in Marietta, Georgia (in the northwest of Atlanta), Kell High School is now one of the most renowned academic institutions that provide every student with excellent learning opportunities, professional counseling, a supportive setting, a solid exchange program, as well as a great variety of extracurriculars. Below, we will explore the history of the school, the departments that are accessible for students, the most popular courses out there, the attendance rules, the enrollment procedure, and the other issues that you have to be aware of to study at this esteemed institution.

The History of Establishment of Kell High School

Established in 1988, Kell High School was named after Joseph P. Kell. Kell was a well-known and respected educator in the Cobb County School District. The reps of the institution had a clear vision of the school’s life – to provide every student within the community with quality academic programs, school counseling offices (if needed), emergency services, and extracurricular activities that every student would be able to participate in. Over the years, the school has grown exponentially. In the process, the school has successfully earned a solid reputation for teaching excellence and commitment to fostering an inclusive, safe, and supportive learning setting. Teachers are also focused on providing academic paper writing help. It is also possible to get the necessary assistance online from a trustworthy essay writing service that always stands on guard for the interests of students.

Kell High School: Departments & The Most Popular Courses

At a parent chooses Kell High School for a child, it’s a great chance for the next generation to explore a great range of academic disciplines. The institution in Cobb County provides different departments, such as Math, English, PE, Fine Arts, Science, Social Studies, Technical Education, Career, and Foreign Languages. All the subjects that you as a student can attend give a comprehensive curriculum that caters to the diverse interests, passions, and aspirations of all undergraduates.

When it comes to the most popular courses, it is important to mention AP (Advanced Placement) classes. These rigorous courses provide every student with an opportunity to earn college credit while still being a high school student, providing them with an excellent head start in their long academic journey. The Advanced Placement program includes classes like English Literature, Biology, History of the United States of America, Calculus, and so on. There’s also an option of Honors courses attendance and a huge variety of elective classes. The latter enables every student to tailor their education routine based exclusively on their unique goals, interests, and passions.

Enrollment Procedure to Kell High School

To become part of any Kell High School program, every student and every parent is required to complete the enrollment process. As a rule, the procedure includes submitting all necessary docs, like birth certificate, residency proof, prior academic transcripts, and immunization records. What is more, high school students may also be required to go to the so-called orientation session and school counseling offices where they meet with counselors to help them choose the right course and set clear academic goals. The procedure of enrollment is your chance to receive all the essential support and information needed to thrive in your academic routine at Kell High School.

Kell High School Rules

Just like any other educational establishment, Kell High School has a set of regulations and rules that together are the cornerstone of a conducive and safe learning environment. All the rules on the list promote respect, academic integrity, and discipline among undergrads. Every student and parent has to be aware of all the regulations in order to ensure the process of enrollment will be as smooth as possible. Let us take a closer look at the key areas when it comes to the rules that exist in the school under study.

Kell Higha School Rules

Attendance Office

In order to become a successful student at Kell High School, it is highly crucial to attend all the classes. The reps of the attendance office maintain all the records of undergrads’ attendance, examine every other reason for the absence attendance, as well as ensure that every student is both present and engaged in every class. Compulsory school attendance is not just essential for high school progress but also prepares young people for the whole scope of future commitments and responsibilities. Both parents and guardians are encouraged to communicate with the reps of the attendance office in order to discuss all the issues related to the student’s absence and attendance-related concerns.

Emergency Card at Kell High School

When you become a student at Kell High School, you will be required to fill out an emergency card every other year. The card contains all essential info on a high school student, like medical conditions, emergency contacts, as well as authorized people for student pickup. Besides, this card helps the reps of Kell High School respond in the most effective manner if any unforeseen circumstances or emergencies pop up. It is important for both students and their moms and dads in order to keep the emergency card updated with the most accurate details during the academic year.

Unexcused Absence at Kell High School

At Kell High School, compulsory school attendance is rule number one. The point here is that any unexcused absence is considered a serious violation of the set of rules. Every young person that misses classes without a solid reason or any documents may face some severe consequences. For instance, they may lose certain privileges and deal with academic penalties. In the case of any unavoidable absence, students should communicate with their teachers and the reps of the attendance office. This will help them avoid any problems in the future.

Kell High School: Late to School Issues

Punctuality is an integral part of the student’s overall success and development. Every member of the Kell High School community is expected to arrive on time for their classes. This, in turn, promotes a strong sense of time management and responsibility. Those undergrads who tend to arrive late to school classes without any valid reason will surely face disciplinary penalties. Punctuality must be a priority in the life of every student. Besides, they should develop effective strategies to manage their time efficiently.

Dress Code at Kell High School

Whether you’re a player on the Kell High School basketball team or an art classes student, you have to stick to the dress code policy. The latter promotes both a respectful and professional atmosphere in the academic setting. The policy outlines a range of certain guidelines on grooming, attire, as well as student appearance. Young people are expected to choose appropriate and modest clothes and stay away from stuff that can distract them or disrupt the learning environment. If you make sure to get a better idea of the existing dress code policy and adhere to all the rules, you will be able to contribute to the focused and positive educational atmosphere in the class.

Student Exchange Program

One of the unique opportunities offered by Kell High School is a well-known student exchange program. It provides high school students with a chance to explore unknown lands and cultures all over the globe while broadening their horizons and developing a global perspective. Whether you are a Kell High School basketball team player or a theater fan, you have an opportunity to embark on an enriching exchange experience, where you can study overseas for a particular period of time while staying with the host families.

Benefits of the Exchange Program at Kell High School

Taking part in the Kell High School exchange program comes with a bunch of advantages that students can avail of. First of all, the program provides unique opportunities for young people to immerse themselves in a different culture, learn a new language (or boost skills of the one they already know), as well as gain a broader understanding of society (and the whole world!). It’s through exchanges that students foster personal growth and cultivate independence and resilience. At the same time, they have a chance to learn to adapt to new environments and handle the various challenges along the way. What is more, the high school exchange program helps young people cultivate long-lasting networking opportunities and lifelong friendships when they get to communicate with peers from the most diverse backgrounds. Finally, the exchange program helps you gain some valuable experiences and skills needed to progress academically and succeed in your future professional career. Exchange students can get quality academic paper help from a qualified writer online. It is very easy, you just need to google, find a professional essay writing service and ask for assistance.

Benefits of the Exchange Program at Kell High School

Pros and Cons of Studying at Kell High School

Before a young person decides to attend Kell High School, it is important to consider all the pros and cons of such a serious decision. One of the core advantages of the school under study is its commitment to students’ excellence. The availability of rigorous disciplines, including Honors and AP classes, helps young people get ready for college/university realm and career endeavors. At the same time, the educational establishment provides an inclusive and supportive learning setting where you can build positive relationships with peers, school staff, and teachers.

Nonetheless, when you evaluate Kell High School, ensure to take into consideration your needs and preferences. While a lot of students tend to thrive in a larger educational environment with tons of extracurriculars, many young people give preference to a more intimate setting. Finally, all the aspects like commuting distance, specific academic programs, and extracurricular options should be taken into account when making the final decision.

Interesting Facts about Kell High School

When choosing Kell High School as an alma mater, it is recommended to take into account certain interesting facts about the institution. Below, we have listed some of them:

  • The educational establishment boasts an experienced and dedicated faculty. Every member of the academic community is committed to providing young people with top-notch education and guidance to students.
  • There are many extracurriculars available for students, including Kell High School football teams, academic competitions, and clubs altogether, allowing participants to pursue their interests and passions not only in the classroom but far beyond it.
  • There’s a strong sense of community at Kell High School, with a supportive and motivating network of alumni and active parent involvement.
  • The Kell High School organizes initiatives and events that encourage undergrads to make a positive impact on the community they live in and promote community service.


Picking the right high school is one of the most significant decisions that both a child and a parent have to make. The reality is that this very choice will shape students’ academic journey and future career prospects. When it comes to Kell High School, the institution has a supportive academic environment, diverse programs, and exclusive opportunities like an exchange program that together guarantee a rewarding educational experience. With its commitment to excellence, the school keeps on empowering young people to reach their 100% potential and make the most positive impact on this big world.


1. Does Kell High School provide any sports activities?

The institution offers a great variety of sports activities for undergrads. The reps of the school believe in the importance of teamwork, physical fitness, and sportsmanship, providing young people with a unique chance to excel in different sports. The activities available at the educational establishment include Kell High School basketball teams for boys and girls, football teams that compete in local and regional leagues, baseball and softball, tennis, soccer, and many other options that allow students to learn and compete in their individual sport.

2. How do you withdraw from Kell High School?

If the student decides to withdraw from the school, the person that enrolled them (a legal guardian or a parent) must come and talk to the reps of the counseling office front desk. They have to provide the following info:

  •   Valid ID
  •   The reason for the withdrawing
  •   Withdrawing form

3. What are the arts that students can study at Kell High School?

The arts that students are welcome to master at Kell High School are the following:

  •   Band
  •   Art
  •   Orchestra
  •   Drama
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