Comfort is Above All: 5 Original College Backpacks for Students

As a college student, you have definitely seen loads of backpacks in various states of despair. That is why you know important it is to pick a high-quality campus backpack to make sure it has water bottle pockets and that you can carry a 15 inch laptop, college books, snacks, and the rest of the items with you. Buying durable college backpacks is a must because if you have one, you won’t have to get distracted from your studies and be focused on the process.

Let’s face it, for most college and university students, it’s more about the looks than whether college backpacks are functional and durable. For that reason, you have to find the best backpacks that are big enough, water resistant, and durable for all the supplies that you have for college, gadgets, lunch boxes. At the same time, the product should have an attractive design. To cut the long story, the functionality should be properly coupled with style.

Best College Backpacks to Buy in 2021

Check some of the finest quality college backpacks available in the market at the moment:

OlarHike Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port / $18.99

If you’re on the lookout for a high-quality and reasonably priced model, check OlarHike laptop backpack. The bag is equipped with front pockets that enable you to easily access your pens, books, wallet, and phone that is connected to the USB charging port. The model has a padded laptop sleeve together with a spacious compartment big enough to fit a change of clothes.

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack / $25.32

Show now for a top-notch college backpack that has more than 10 000 positive feedbacks! The model is equipped with plenty of padding, which means you’re not going to constantly feel how it’s digging into your skin. Plus, there’s a built-in USB port, so there won’t be any problem when it’s time to charge your gadget. Great fit for a 15 inch laptop.

Borealis The North Face Backpack / $88.95

For more than ten years, college and university students have been truly impressed by this product from The North Face. This water resistant bag has also shown perfect results of drop and abrasion tests. The North Face product is available in 32 different colors, which means you can choose the most suitable college backpacks that are also equipped with a detachable waist belt and sternum strap.

Timbuk2 Spire Laptop Backpack /$99.00

If your college is located in a place with inclement weather, consider buying the model that is water resistant. Timbuk2 laptop backpack offers a large spacious interior. Besides, it can handle what the weather has to offer due to water resistant canvas fabric. There are also adjustable straps that make the backpack a perfect option for traveling or biking.

Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack / $135.00

If you’re looking for college backpacks in fun colors, Dagne Dover Dakota backpack is perfect for students who need to carry both gym clothes and school supplies at the same time. This stylish model is made of neoprene and is highly functional – just what undergrads need. Equipped with lots of pockets, the backpack is available in different colors and sizes. What is more, the product also has plenty of exterior and interior pockets and works well for 15 inch laptops.

Tips on How to Find the Best Backpacks

If you find the right backpacks for college, they can last you for a couple of years. However, finding the most suitable and quality one is key. To make the process less challenging for you, we have listed some simple recommendations on how to choose the backpacks that will help you get back to school prepared for any academic workload:

  • Safety. No matter how sad it may sound, we live in a world where safety should be taken into consideration when choosing a college backpack. To purchase the best backpacks, ensure to check if the chosen models are equipped with a zippered pocket (check if there are internal pockets as well to be able to keep your belongings),a stable back panel, the main compartment that is big enough for your 15 laptop, and so on. Ensure that all the interior pockets and zippers are of the finest quality, while you will have easy access to the left or right pack, which means all your college stuff will be protected.
  • Longevity and price. Before you purchase a bag for college, decide for how long you would like your backpack to last. If you choose a model of poor quality, do not expect it to serve well for a long time. In other words, you will have to replace your college backpack earlier than you expect. The picks that we have included below will last for a long time before you even start wearing them out.
  • Support and overall comfort. Studies have shown that today a huge emphasis has been made on providing the right support for the back. What is more, the best backpacks for college are now made of polyester and nylon, which means you won’t find a problem when it comes to lugging around heavy backpacks. Remember how your back was hurting when you had to carry all the school supplies in your school bag? When choosing the college backpack, go for a padded laptop sleeve, padded shoulder straps to ensure that you will find it comfortable to cart around textbooks. Keep away from narrow shoulder straps since they will dig into your shoulders. As a result, circulation will be restricted, and you will suffer from pain.
  • Capacity and size. The best laptop backpack or any other bag should have a size that is not too big. If it is, carrying it with you may cause discomfort sooner or later. After all, you will definitely overload it no matter how big your backpack is.
  • Organization. In addition to the main compartment, the best backpacks for college students also have water bottle pockets, front pocket, side pockets, exterior, and interior pockets. Thus, you have an opportunity to organize all of your items, such as books, pens, gadgets, keys, and a water bottle.

Based on the details given above, now you know what makes a high-quality backpack that allows you to make the best pick based on the brand, testing, and style. To put it briefly, when shopping for the best college backpacks, you have to check the following features:

  • A laptop sleeve is a must-have when it comes to keeping your gadget protected as you carry one with you.
  • Shoulder straps. Padded shoulder straps are curved for better support and comfort of the owner.
  • Organization systems include water bottle pockets, front pocket, side pockets, interior pockets for all school supplies.
  • Fabric that is made of durable nylon and polyester.
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