10 ideas for Halloween costumes in 2019


Summer is far behind, which means that Halloween is approaching. Usually, there are two types of costumes for a party: elaborate ones you make two months in advance and simple ones you do in an hour. In fact, it does not impact your party experience at all, but if you already need some costume inspiration, here are some ideas for you. 

1. A meme

One of the most notorious pop-cultural events in 2019 is the final season of Game of Thrones. It fueled all the online discussion possible, advertising campaigns, and memes. With such attention to season eight, every tiniest fail was be exposed, widely discussed, and ridiculed. Nonetheless, it only added up to the popularity of the show. So, if you want a costume that says you are into the popular culture, you can dress up as something from the Game of Thrones, such as the Starbucks mug that appeared in one of the frames out of nowhere. The practical part of this costume is that you can decide which level you are taking it to: it may be a complete head-to-toe costume or one of those last-minute Halloween costumes of just a Starbucks t-shirt. In any case, your reference will be recognized unmistakably.

2. An evil twin

This year, apart from the second horror film filled with cultural references and strong social commentary, the newly established film director Jordan Peele gave us one of the easiest-to-do Halloween costume ideas. His second social horror film Us plays with one of the creepiest things there are—namely the darkness inside each one of us portrayed as evil twins. The bonus that goes along with the costume is its multi-layered nature: not only does it reference the film itself, but it also relates to the iconic Michael Jackson’s outfit from his Thriller music video. Besides, this costume does not require any makeup skills or much money. All you need to become your own evil twin is a red romper bodysuit, one leather glove, a pair of scissors, and a creepy facial expression. 

3. The 80s trend

Another pop-culture sensation of this year is the release of Netflix’s Stranger Things, season three. It continues the industry’s obsession with the 80s (as well as Peele’s Us) and gives distinct imagery for another fancy dress. One of the most memorable outfits that appear in every episode is the sailor-themed ice-cream bar uniform Steve and Robin wear. These Halloween costumes are a great choice for boys, girls, and a couple of (spoiler alert) friends. To create that look, you need a pair of blue or navy shorts, a sailor collar, a striped t-shirt, and a cabin boy hat with ‘Ahoy’ on it. 

4. A gender anonymous treasure

This year, we finally saw the long-awaited resolution of the third phase of the MCU story that concluded in Endgame. Dressing up as a member of the Avengers team is an unbreakable tradition of Halloween day parties and comic cons of all kinds. However, what costume can make more of an apple of one’s eye than the thing all the Avengers characters were so obsessed about throughout phase three than a collection of the Infinity Stones? It also can become either a huge and elaborate thing covering you or one of the DIY easy Halloween costumes you can make in a day. 

5. A classy approach

If you are beyond pop culture trends and memes, then reference fine art. If you are looking for something for all hallows eve, reference sinister fine art, which is nothing but Grant Wood’s American Gothic. This painting is mesmerizing and chilling due to the oppressive imagery of puritan society. All you need for this outfit is conservative clothes, like a white-collared dark dress and an apron or a denim jumpsuit, a blazer, glasses, and a pitchfork. To take it to the next level, you can also bring a golden frame to the party. Of course, it is best worn by two, but it will be impressive anyway if you bring the pitchfork. 

6. Fashionable gore

One of the things that makes a film cult is the visual aesthetics that make it memorable. This is the thing Nicolas Winding Refn is known for. Possibly, every Halloween party had an iconic guy with a hammer in a golden scorpion bomber. However, his latest work is not that mainstream so far. If you want to give your costume a fashionable touch, the look of Jesse from The Neon Demon is perfect for you. You can steal any of her looks, but the most memorable one is the opening scene, where she poses on a couch, braided and throat-cut. To rock this Halloween makeup, you will need a few rhinestones and a cheap lipstick to imitate the blood. And some attitude, of course. 

7. Some irony

We are living in a post-postmodern time in which irony is everywhere. To help you bring it to your celebration this year, there is another recent Netflix character you can take after. This time, it is Natasha Lyonne’s Nadia from Russian Doll. The story is a cynical take on Groundhog Day with more deaths. The protagonist’s look is not that hard to steal: you need a curly ginger wig and something black. However, the thing about this costume is that the party Nadia is at is looped, so you can say to everyone that this is the thirtieth time you have seen everything happen. 

8. A legend

Keeping up with cinema sensations, one of the most relevant looks is the image of Freddy Mercury. The recent biopic about his life showed plenty of his looks to choose from. However, the most recognizable outfit for your party is clearly the one he wore at the reunion charity concert. The outfit is quite easy to assemble from items in your closet: you will need a white tank top, sky-blue denim jeans, a black leather belt for jeans, and a tiny leather belt for your bicep. Complete the look with a moustache and go rock the party. 

9. A nod to the gaming industry

Another sensation of the year is the introduction of the to-be-released Kojima’s game Cyberpunk 2077 starring Keanu Reeves himself. With a little bit of fantasy, you can find all the elements of Keanu’s character’s look in the activewear section in a local store. It is all black, military, and badass. Besides, if you have failed to make a costume for the party, just go there and tell everyone “You are breathtaking!” and it will work as well. 

10. A warm farewell

This year marked the end of Toy Story, and it may be a good reason to reference one of its characters. In fact, a costume of any of the key characters is easy to find in a Halloween store: a cowboy and an astronaut. However, your costume will look outstanding if you pay closer attention to the makeup. If you make it cartoonish enough, the costume will work great. 

Halloween is an occasion when you can wear the craziest outfit you have. Essentially, it does not matter how much time you spend on the costume, as you will have a great time at a party anyways. So, choose an idea you are into and have a happy Halloween!

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