Humanizing AI: How to Give a Human Touch to an AI-generated Essay

humanizing ai

As a writer, of course, I was excited to get a little help with producing written content, such as in creating an outline or diving deeper into a complicated topic. Indeed, an AI tool can do a lot of dirty routine work, but unfortunately, what it cannot manage is to be more human. AI-generated content appears artificial even to those born yesterday, let alone those with more experienced eyes. Hence, here are some AI content tips to humanify your text and not create a new Frankenstein in the process.  

The Troubles of AI Writing

In general, there are several reasons why AI writing tools are not going to start a riot and replace real people in the near future.

AI generated paragraphs with repetitive grammatical constructions

First, one of the main pains of writers working with AI content is dealing with sentences that look like the work of a 5th-grade student awkwardly doing grammar exercises on parts of speech. For instance, here is the conclusion for an essay about the effect of plastic on the environment, generated by Chat GPT:

humanizing ai essay

Let’s look at the fourth and fifth sentences. Listing is a writing tool that gives the reader a complete picture and helps to create the feeling that “the writer knows it all”. There are even some interesting techniques in listing homogenous concepts in your sentence, such as “two for contrast” and “golden three for the completeness” of the thought. However, look at how the content generator uses that technique in the fourth sentence: Do you remember the beginning of the sentence by its end? Let’s count: eight homogenous direct objects (plastic consumption, promoting recycle and waste management infrastructure, encouraging the development…) crowded into one long sentence!

However, the funniest part is still ahead. Three of these objects have a gerund, but the AI writer uses the same form in the subsequent fifth sentence (“By recognizing the gravity”). Are you still keeping up? Finally, all the subordinate parts of the sentence are connected by too many “and”s, which makes the text hard to read and even harder to understand.

Thus, any article written by AI is in danger of boring the readers to death instead of communicating the message effectively.

AI-generated sentences are accurate grammatically, but obviously artificial in their composition. 

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Overly generalized content

It would be less of a tragedy if form were the only concern in the content written by AI. Unfortunately, it is not the case.

AI generated articles often fail to deliver any ideas even slightly more original than the first three Google search results.

That is natural; an AI content generator does not create the prompts out of thin air but generalizes information available online. AI-generated content would not be the answer to assignment questions, but merely a summary of the shallowest blogs. For instance, here is a body paragraph from the same request to Chat GPT: 

ai generated essay analysis

The content generation provides completely valid information that indeed may be used in some papers for school or college level. However, this piece of writing has no genuine insights or human personality.

From my personal experience, the best writing generator is the one that receives the most nuanced instructions clarifying the word count, tone of voice, citations to use, and central idea to discuss. But, with such an approach, why would you spend the same amount of time presenting enough information for the AI writing tools to do their job rather than writing the text yourself? Honestly, editing AI text takes the same ton of time as writing from scratch, but at least your personal text is yours, not Google’s. 

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Citations and the control of thoughts in AI creating

When you are given a task to write content, there are always some sources to use. Of course, a short, one-page reflective essay or blog post may be fine without such things, but even a slight increase in word count means that you are not the smartest one anymore – you’ve got to get some decent sources. Using your thoughts gains you no credibility or expertise, so it’s much better to address those with a reputation in the area. AI article writing does not provide such a function. It is a regular occurrence that text generating AI mentions nonexistent sources or cases that have never happened in reality. Then, again, you can insert citations into what was written by AI.

I guess that is the central moral lesson of this story; an AI generated article is good as long as a human edits, revises, and complements it. 

Finally, the last (but not least significant) problem is disagreeing with articles written by AI. It’s a real problem for me when I’m hesitating between striving to save time and following the urge to have my own opinion and my own say. AI-generated articles express the opinions of most people or the most clickable websites. You know, it’s sad and even kind of repulsive to use somebody else’s AI generated words to express somebody else’s thoughts in my writing. Although academic integrity is a significant and valuable part of the educational process and of building a conscious society, it is not the biggest issue.

The problem is that letting AI generate content is similar to giving away my power, my voice, and my right to speak. Certainly, this question is a personal issue for every user, but the point is worth considering. 

Why and How You Should Personalize Your AI-Generated Essay

Okay, so we’ve agreed that just letting AI replace human generated content is not a fair or practical option. Here is the most exciting part: How do we humanize AI

Passing AI detection

The first step is to ensure that the generated text cannot be detected with an AI text detector. For instance, there is a helpful tool for writers called GPTZero. If we enter the examples from above into the detector, it clearly shows that the work consists of parts created by an AI writing generator:

ai detection essay

In such cases, what the author may take away from the AI-created article is its structure and some sentences, although it would be better to change those too. For instance, here we have a sentence with the problem of overusing homogenous subjects: “The production, incineration, and decomposition of plastic contribute to air, water, and soil pollution”. Let’s simplify its grammatical structure but preserve the main idea, as that is the introductory sentence: “The entire plastic life cycle harms the environment, particularly by destroying the land, water, and soil”. Also, as the picture shows, each sentence uses the word “plastic,” which is repetitive. Thus, let’s remove this mistake, replace some verbs with more active forms, and add personal thoughts to the paragraph: 



The production, incineration, and decomposition of plastic contribute to air, water, and soil pollution. The release of toxic chemicals during plastic manufacturing and incineration processes poses significant risks to human and environmental health. Plastic production also requires substantial energy inputs, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Moreover, plastic waste that ends up in landfills generates methane, a potent greenhouse gas that exacerbates global warming.The entire plastic life cycle harms the environment, particularly by destroying the land, water, and soil. Toxic chemicals like Bisphenol-A directly threaten human health and the environment. The possible consequences are cancer, the disruption of water facilities, and the extinction of animal species. Plastic production also consumes a substantial amount of energy, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. Finally, global warming also comes from the greenhouse gas methane, a consequence of landfill-based waste.

These simple manipulations of the AI article completely changed the results of the detector check, thus making the input of the AI writers a little less repetitive. has introduced a free essay generator that will revolutionize your academic journey. Say goodbye to writing difficulties and bring your essays to perfection. Don’t delay – take advantage of this handy tool and change your grades today!

ai detection essay check

Developing the routine of an “artificial intelligence article rewriter”

In the writing profession, there are commonly two types of people: those who would rather write the text from scratch, and those struggling with “blank page syndrome”. AI writers are mainly helpful for the second type, as they create a draft that is not even supposed to be the unbeatable final version. In this case, the writer should master the profession of “humanizing AI”, developing the same repetitive processes as a regular article writer would. For instance, without a text AI generator, I usually search for sources, compose an outline with the planned word count, and write a rough draft for each paragraph. That procedure reduces anxiety and helps to generate articles with clear steps to follow. 

The same routine should apply to working with an artificial intelligence writer. For example, here are some of the prompts that I regularly use if AI can indeed help me: 

  • Imagine that you are an (X role) in a Y company. You are given assignment N. Please read the information about our business and generate a monthly plan for the website, based on the key inputs
  • I will provide you with a sentence that includes a citation. Please generate a paragraph on topic X, making a gradual link to the citation” 
  • I will provide you with all the information about my assignment. Ask me any questions you need to provide in-depth insights on the solutions.” 

You can even create a file on your PC with the most usable phrases and reuse them over and over again, thus developing your personal AI content writing assistant


So, let’s make it easier to use everything I have just shared. Artificial intelligence is smart enough to generate tools for content writing but not quite enough to develop humankind AI personas. Well, thankfully so, since at least we do not have to deal with the AI rebellion yet. In order to make AI rewrite a text or pass the detector, the writer should start humanizing AI generated content. This task is significantly easier to do with developed routines and a systematic approach rather than just rewriting each separate sentence. The main thing to remember about free writing websites and tools is that they are not a magic bullet. AI blog writing requires effort and commitment to gain high quality, and an article generator can take only a small share of the responsibility.

Hence, the best AI writer is the reviewed one. And sometimes it’s much easier to address the ghostwriting or essay writing services and get the full-package writing assistance instead of going back and forth with AI-generated text editing. Think it over. 

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