What Professions Will Be in Demand in the Future?

Choosing a profession might be a challenge. On one side, your relatives might recommend you to choose a well-paid occupation. On the other side, your friends who started earning money freelance. Combining the two results in your misunderstanding of what to go for. Let’s cover some of the most prospective professions that will be in demand within a few years.

IT-only? Programmers and Web developers Hype

You are most likely to hear from the Web, your friends, and your family rumors that IT-specialists are very trending. If your friends at least know how a programmer may earn money, your relatives surely know only about their expected wages. Before diving into the IT-sphere, you should clearly understand that you need it. Note, their wages are not always worth it, since there are some drawbacks (procrastination). Nevertheless, let’s show you the top 5 prospective occupations concerning web development.

1. Software engineers

Everything you have on your laptop is the years of work of software engineers. You may concentrate on every software you are yourself interested in. For instance, software for gamers, bloggers, marketing. If you deeply care about the future, there might be software for environment checking, sustainability among others.

2. Data Science/Big Data Analyst

This occupation is on everyone’s lips in recent years. If you are tech-savvy and know math very well, you may try your luck with this profession. You will need to analyze all data for one particular task or company, and then report on how it affects the business or profit. In fact, you just research data around one task, and then explain it in detail, and show how to get the most out of it.

3. Cybersecurity

Have you ever had your online data stolen? If you do not know, it does not mean you have never faced such an experience. A cybersecurity specialist works with secret technologies developed by one particular company or governmental program, and secures all confidential data, or helps to secure it for particular purposes.

4. 3D Engineers

Even though this occupation is more related to design, it is still some kind of IT. Just imagine that with 3D you can project spaces around you. You may work on architecting skyscrapers, cutting-edge clinics. What about projecting Mars or other planets? Sounds surreal but that is our probable future.

5. Flying Car Developer

Don’t think that it is another joke. This profession will be trending and in demand for sure. As of now, there is already a company – Terrafugia, that works on such vehicles, so in several years they will need more employees. To start a career in such a non-trite sphere, you should be knowledgeable about aeronautics, battery technologies, as well as software development among others.

How to Choose and Prepare for Such Future Professions?

First off, you do not need to drink mandrake root or something, since the above-mentioned professions resulted from nowadays’ technologies. Therefore, you should just stick to proper education, and boost some soft skills for your future career. Note, there is no such phenomenon as an obligatory education. You may learn everything from scratch both by studying online or visiting the classes in person. Now, top steps involved in choice and preparation. Off we go!

  • Think about what you love

Yes, it is as pretty as it sounds. The top 5 professions of the future are just examples, and you may go for other occupations. If you want to become a software engineer, you may skip university classes, however, you cannot skip working in a team of other developers. It will help you to stay updated on the latest trends and receive help when you require it. If you love everything about visuals – go for design such as 3D, if you are interested in projecting or creating, it is fly cars and software development. Once, if you are a person who loves thinking and analyzing, cybersecurity, and big data would be the best options for you.

  • Learn every day, every moment, every second

There are hundreds of online courses that promote these professions. Nevertheless, prior to spending all your money, you may first visit the well-known platform YouTube. It shares some important tutorials and lessons on introducing you to the selected sphere. After that, you should build a scheme of how you will approach the professions. ONLY AFTER, you may find the courses or think about visiting a college or university to pursue your dreams.

  • Look at the mirror, and tell yourself what you lack

It is not about the external appearance but about the internal one. Future professions require people of the future. These people are believed to be hard-working, crazy, ambitious, extremely strange, and so on. Such features and behaviors are commonly dictated by the availability of soft skills. Hence, future professions require you to possess – creativity, critical thinking, service orientation, UI/UX vision, emotional intelligence, etc.

  • Practice makes perfect

Even if you just started moving in the direction of the future occupation, you MUST practice everything you learned so far. It means if you managed to create the first project in 3D editor or software, share it with others for feedback. Beyond that, you may find a mentor in the related field who will tell you the truth about your works and will guide you. If possible, join the social media groups where people with the same mind and preferences discuss their results and works.

Finally, the last piece of advice to be prepared for a future profession is to spend more time communicating with other people. Theory and practice are good, however, you should understand that the future is designed by teams or groups of people. To understand how the future will look the best, you should understand what people think of, and what they do not mind having in the future. In the first place, start having an Instagram page with posts where you ask people’s opinions on everything you learn or observe. That’s it for now. Good luck with your bright future profession!

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