I Hate Essays & What Should I Do If I Hate Essay Writing: Answers from Our Top Writers

I Hate Essays

“I hate essays, writing, and sitting all day long staring at this damned screen with a blank page and going through pure torture to squeeze the words out of myself.” Are these thoughts familiar to you? Have you ever cried out of helplessness while writing an essay? Have you felt like you have to write this savage text, but you literally can’t? We’ve got you. 

Nicolas Evans, a professional writer at Customwritings.com, department of ESL, Victoria Davis, a TOP-writer at Customwritings.com Healthcare and Life Science department, and Jaime Clark, a professional writer at Computer Science Department, share their tips for you. 

Nicolas Evans: Work on Your Mindset

Hi, guys! As an English teacher at a private middle school, I work extensively with students’ motivation and psychology. That’s why I have a lot to say about “hating essay writing” with a practical perspective in mind. I will share some tips here that I practice daily with my students. 

Change your mindset

If you can do nothing with the task, you can still play around with your attitude toward the assignment. Here are some examples of how you can shift your perspective:

  • Doing the assigned task – working on your goal to graduate (fixes the lack of internal motivation)
  • Writing a boring essay – improving your writing skills (gamification of the process)
  • Doing the chore that you hate – being in your best student years (fixation on negative – fixation on positive)

Another way to decrease your disgust of writing is to find something you like about the topic. For example, one of the typical questions for the SAT exam (Standard Aptitude Test) revolves around Martin Luther King and protecting citizens’ rights. If you are not a fan of the topic, here are some tips on how to make the question more appealing for writing:

  • Connect the topic to your sphere of interest. For instance, you may like psychology, astrology, or any other subject. Research famous people related to your topic who would never have become who they are without King’s influence on history.
  • Use informational aids. I never thought I would be deeply engaged in the life of singers and superstars. However, the documentary about Selena Quintanilla, the Queen of Tejano music, touched the very core of my soul. You can use documentaries, podcasts, videos, infographics, or anything available to increase your dopamine rush. 

Break it down and use the Pomodoro technique

I believe that writing an essay for three to four hours in a row is exhausting. However, it shouldn’t be that way. You can first write an intro for 20 minutes, then watch a few videos on YouTube or TikTok guilt-free. Write two body paragraphs, and then play with your dog. I like to work for two hours straight and then have an hour of rest, but you should pick the schedule that works best for you.

Pomodoto Techniques If You Hate Essay Writing

If typing is challenging for you, even with time-management apps, consider using voice-to-text software. The trick is that your brain would hardly consider that activity as work. Then, you just convert the record to text and edit it. 

Take control of your emotions

I have two main ways to manage the overwhelming feeling of being work-averse.

I Hate Essays Questions

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  • Write down how much you hate it, then start writing an essay

I want to say that you are allowed to hate essay writing. It’s okay; all your feelings are normal. Just don’t let them live in your head rent-free. Write them down and release all the stress you feel. Your emotional well-being comes first, and your essay comes second. 

  • Make your writing process cozy

This final thought helps me the most when I don’t feel like writing. Make your workplace comfortable and pleasant to be in so that you can get some positive emotions, too. I like background music, a glass of juice, and good lighting. 

Remember that your ideas have the potential to inspire, inform, and persuade others. Consider writing as a tool that empowers you to share these ideas rather than a boring chore. 

Jaime Clark: Answers to Typical I Hate Essays Questions

Jaime prefers technical decisions for complicated questions, so you will find his writing-related suggestions to make the process easier. 

Q: I hate essay writing, thinking about the essay, and developing ideas for the essay; I hate it all. What can I do?

A: Take one problem at a time.

Start the outline, and finish the outline. Breath out. Start writing the text, and finish writing the text. Repeat with each step. For instance, an Amherst liberal arts private college in Massachusetts typically accepts a 4-5 page admission essay. That is about 1100-1300 words about something. Instead of thinking about the entire task, concentrate on writing only arguments or one paragraph at a time, making it manageable.

Or you can also use the opposite trick. You can write the essay draft with no specific order in mind. Yes, it makes sense to do so, but not if you have writer’s block and can’t even start writing. Writing random parts and crafting a Frankenstein is better than playing a staring contest with a blank page. 

Q: It takes me so long to write an essay. I don’t like wasting time.

A: Use templates, essay samples, and mindmaps.

I hate essay writing” usually means that you hate all parts of it: thinking of it, developing a structure, writing, and editing. However, you can find help in each of these steps. For instance, you can choose from hundreds of essay samples from professional writers, or you can request personal assistance from one.

Use Essay Samples if You Hate Writing

I don’t hate essay writing, but sometimes it gets boring. When that happens, I draw mind maps of my ideas, my personal form of productive procrastination. The process is aesthetic and tightening, and it revises all my knowledge on the topic.

Q: I don’t have the motivation for writing. I just don’t like the process, that’s all. 

A: Keep a record of your achievements.

Track your achievements and improvements, as well as your mistakes. The trick here is to shift the focus of your brain. By tracking your progress, you change the internal meaning of the task. You are not just writing an essay but working on your writing skills. And you do so impressively, judging from the record of your small victories!

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Victoria Davis: Creative Tips You Will Not Find Anywhere Else 

I knew this article would have the basic tips covered, so I thought of something special. I like experimenting with my working routine, so here are my funniest tips. 

Engaging with fiction in the process

  • Option #1. Character voices

Write your essay in the style of your favorite fictional characters. For example, sometimes I imagine what Arthur Weasley would say about telemedicine or what Great Gatsby would look like being a neuroscience professional. 

  • Option #2. Explaining the topic to someone

Another option, in that regard, is to imagine someone asked you to explain the topic. I always use the image of my 7-year-old niece for that purpose. She is adorable and curious about everything. If you hate essay writing, imagine you have a curious child running around you and asking what you are doing. Don’t like children? Well, how would you explain your topic to your rowdy black cat? Just imagine their comments on your writing and struggles. That should make the process more manageable.

  • Option #3. Roleplay

Pretend you’re a famous author or scholar while writing to boost your confidence. In general terms, it’s called romanticizing your life. You may hate to write, but who hates being famous, mysterious, and popular?

Roleplaying is good as it suits almost everyone. Do you like horror movies? You can try being Stephen King for an evening. Do you cry reading beautifully written romance novels? Nice to meet you, the gorgeous reincarnation of Jane Austin.

Be sarcastic in your head while writing

Oh, I love this one. It’s the same as imagining a little naughty black cat commenting on your work, just like in the Sabrina the Teenage Witch series. But, in this case, I am my own funny commentator. I like writing now, but there was a time when I hated it wholeheartedly. It helped to curse each word I wrote with the most glorious and majestic bad words. Have fun!

essay writing

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Ambigram subtext

Include hidden messages or words in your essay using ambigrams. Here, you will come up with ways to entertain your brain while doing the hated chore. So, leave small Easter eggs here and there and see whether your teacher will find them.

Regardless of your choice (follow our experts’ tips or ask some of them to help you write your essay), we are here to help. We understand that not everyone shares our passion for essay writing, and that’s okay; you have other incredible hobbies and talents. We hope that essay writing will become less complicated for you. Otherwise, see you soon!

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