7 habits of highly effective students you need to follow

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Do you want to know when you are ready to be a well-performing student? The moment when you understand you want to study better and to achieve more.

In this article, we will share useful recommendations with you which will help improve your academic results and make your learning beneficial. Also, we will tell you about the best productivity apps that will assist you to become more efficient.

What kind of student do you actually want to be?

There are two types of students: students “A” and “B.” Students “A” are intelligent, but this is not their main advantage. They are hard-working, keen on studies, and passionate about their ambitions. They live and study actively, and they never give up. They realize they are fully responsible for the results they get. Due to this, their achievements are impressive. Many of them not only get top grades and have an excellent reputation but also manage to get good jobs and start their careers while they are still students or right after graduation.

Students “B” hate studies. They ignore teachers as well as their requirements. College or university activities are an awful burden for them. So, they try to avoid this pain in their necks by finding excuses, missing classes, and not doing their homework. They stay absolutely indifferent toward their bad performance. It seems like they think classes and lectures are a bad dream which will simply come to an end one day. What happens to them? After the period of lousy college or university years, they still don’t know what to do with their lives. Thus, they go down with steam and waste the time of their lives.

There’s just one question you should ask yourself: “What type of student do I want to be: an “A” or a “B” type?”


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So, if you choose to be effective, check out these 7 habits of highly effective college students.

1. Stay well-organized

Make it your regular habit to be focused and to stay in control of your time. For this purpose, try doing the following things:

  • Set an alarm clock in order not to oversleep
  • Wear a watch
  • Arrive to classes on time
  • Use a digital planner to arrange your day

By doing so, you won’t feel lost in the whirlpool of events, schedules, syllabi, and deadlines any more. Instead, you will know for sure where and when you need to be. You will feel in tune with everything that is happening around you and what you have to do.

2. Stay healthy

If you want to be successful in your studies, you should be physically fit. Simple things, like cooking healthy food, getting enough sleep, doing regular exercises, drinking green tea instead of coffee, and giving up smoking are likely to increase your energy and help you cope with stress, anxiety, or bad moods.

3. Study smartly and effectively

Try out productivity apps. Today, the choice is rather broad. For example, you can check out these ones:


This one will let you manage the projects you are working on through boards. You can use it either by yourself or share it with other students from your group if you are exploring the same issue or working on the same project.

myHomework Student Planner

This is a suitable app for all educational levels. By using it, you will have a chance to track all your tasks, projects, tutorials, and other vital arrangements in a calendar. Also, with its help, you will get reminders about your deadlines if you synchronize your assignments there.


This great app will let you to organize your ideas and tasks, as well as notes and checklists across devices. For example, you can start writing your paper or working on your research on one device and then shift to another one without losing any information.

Pomodoro apps

It will definitely lead to your productivity improvement. A great advantage of this app is that it will break your work into intervals of 25 minutes. In this way, you won’t feel exhausted or miss a moment when it’s time to take a break.

Distraction-blocking apps

If you are likely to get stuck in social networks for a couple of hours, this app will prevent you from wasting your time on distracting websites.

To-do list apps

Apps like Remember the Milk or 2Do will enable you to make a virtual to-do list and check it regularly. This is a perfect way to stay focused when you are overloaded with tasks.


By using it, you will join a community of people who are working on achieving different targets. Also, it will allow you to track your personal progress and development.

You can select the best productivity apps for you, install them, and start using them for your studies. Upon getting the first positive results, you will have more courage and inspiration to improve your performance in the future and strive for more favorable changes.


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4. Avoid procrastination

When you have difficulties with your homework and don’t know how to do it, you can think the best way out is to put them aside until later. Yet, this is an absolutely wrong and misleading strategy.

Instead, you have to cope with your laziness and not stay laid-back. You should pull yourself together and complete your homework. Study regularly and do enough revisions before classes. Such a deliberate approach will prevent you from academic emergencies.

5. Prioritize your tasks

Use a priority matrix for this purpose. Eisenhower Matrix is an outstanding app for your time management. It will automatically distribute your tasks from simple to more complicated ones. Additionally, you will be able to see all your tasks on the navigation tabs. A special timer will help you deal with every activity for 30 minutes. Yet, you can set another duration which will suit you more.

Such an urgent important matrix is easy to set up. Start using it while completing your homework and dealing with other academic issues. Very soon, your academic performance will become more structured.

6. Be motivated

Studying in a college or university takes plenty of time. So, there should be something that will make you stay targeted and to keep your results at a high level.

Set a goal you want to achieve and try to do at least one or two steps every day to reach it. Look for suitable opportunities. Sign up for your school’s career center. There, you can find information about essential seminars and the companies that have positions for students. In this way, you can even get hired for a desired internship.

7. Never stop trying

I’m sure that success is about the position you take in life. So, you either moan and do nothing, or you choose to raise your productivity and act accordingly. This doesn’t mean you won’t come across any obstacles and your path will be a bed of roses. But when you are ready to take challenges and to cope with them, you won’t waste your potential and give up your ambitions.

Fortune favors the brave, do you remember? So, be one of them.

Summing up 

We hope that by taking a new look at your studies and by trying out new approaches toward them, you will increase productivity and your academic performance considerably. In case you need qualified help with your homework, you can place your order at CustomWritings. The experts there will prepare your assignments much quicker than you expect. So, you will have a great model to follow in your own writing.

By the way, when most of your tasks are completed by professionals, you won’t feel stressed and will have more chances to cope with your upcoming tasks timely and in an accurate way.

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