Finals: Ultimate survival kit for college

Finals: Ultimate Survival Kit for College

Final exams can easily be considered one of the most challenging aspects of college life. The amount of learning and preparation you need to do is immense, and organizing this whole process seems impossible as you feel unable to keep everything in your head. We have prepared a few study tips and recommendations to help you in improving your grade without exhausting yourself.

Study schedule: Develop it beforehand

Organizing your studies and developing a schedule is the best way to divide your time effectively. Use a study planner and develop a routine for the whole semester, adding time for reviewing and re-reading your learning materials. Such an approach will reduce the possibility of you missing or skipping any study session.

Print your study timetable and pin it somewhere visible to remind yourself about the next study session. However, if you will be forced to skip a lesson, don’t forget to reschedule it to avoid losing precious study time.

Take a break while studying

Even though you might want to study as hard as possible, study breaks are vital for effective learning. After all, your brain cannot comprehend the endless stream of information, so you won’t be able to absorb the information properly. Hence, if you allow yourself to recharge and rest from time to time, you will save energy and make your studying more time-efficient.

A good idea would be to divide each lesson into focused and intense studying sessions, alternating them with regular breaks. This way, you won’t be distracted during learning but will get your much-needed rest in time.

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Take care of yourself

Your well-being directly influences your learning efficiency and is related to your health, so self-care while studying is vital. Get sufficient sleep and eat healthy food regularly while you study, and you will notice that your learning becomes much easier. Furthermore, going for a short walk during your breaks or doing some physical exercises will help to energize and revitalize your body.

Your mental health is also important, so pay attention and don’t overwork too much. Talk to your friends and reward yourself for successfully completing a lesson. Self-care during exam session will pay off in the long run, helping you preserve your well-being and study effectively.

Develop notes with study materials

Writing down the most critical information from your textbooks helps you understand complex concepts and comprehend their definitions. This approach activates both visual and muscle memory and creates supportive short tips to review regularly and before your exam.

There are ways to organize your notes to make them as easy to read and remember as possible. For example, you can highlight essential terms and concepts with different colors to find the necessary notes quickly, or develop a set of flashcards. Properly structured and formatted study notes will become an indispensable studying supplement!

Create a comfortable learning environment

Some students prefer to learn in a quiet library, while others feel more productive in a busy classroom. However, there are several common aspects of developing a comfortable learning environment to which you should pay attention. First of all, ensure that the furniture is comfy and cozy, as you will spend a lot of time working at your chair and table.

Secondly, pay attention to creating a conducive learning environment devoid of distractions and stress. This will beneficially reflect on your emotional well-being and allow you to concentrate on your studying without exhausting your mental energy. Moreover, you should use the benefits of modern technology, such as a virtual learning environment: various courses and online resources often provide vital and exciting information.

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Cooperate with other people

Studying by yourself can be effective, but involving other people in this process might bring impressive results. You can learn along with your friends, assisting and supporting each other, which will make the studying process more fun. Moreover, you and your peers might be competent in different topics or subjects, so you will be able to learn from each other.

Asking more experienced students or teachers to assist you with topics you can’t understand would also be beneficial. You can even use professional help from tutors or become a customer of specialized writing services online.

Choose an approach that corresponds to the exam type

There are multiple exam types that require different study tactics: multiple-choice tests, essay writing, oral exams, and many others. Hence, when you’re preparing for a college exam, account for the tasks you will have to complete and prepare appropriately. After all,  if you are getting ready for a quiz, writing texts would be counterproductive. The same goes for other knowledge tests, such as different types of IELTS, as you will have to work on various assignments, and being ready for each of them is as important as knowing the theoretical material.

Quiz yourself regularly

Testing and checking your knowledge is a vital part of exam preparation. This approach allows you to refresh your knowledge about topics you have studied before and remember new information more thoroughly.  Quizzes with questions from different study topics help you identify gaps in your knowledge to understand what you should study harder. The internet offers you a multitude of practice quizzes, from fun quizzes to take about yourself and an occasional know yourself quiz to complex questions about biology, history, math, and other subjects.


Preparing for finals is considered to be an arduous and demanding process, but it can be made more efficient, straightforward, and even enjoyable. First, you need to make it organized by developing a study schedule for the whole semester. Don’t forget to include breaks into your lessons so you will be able to recharge and recover between bouts of intense learning and avoid stress. Making notes would assist you in remembering essential concepts from your course.

Of course, creating a supportive and comfortable learning environment is a given, just as generally taking care of your mental and physical health. To make the studying process even easier, you can involve other people in it, cooperating with friends or asking teachers for help. Finally, choosing an approach that suits your exam type is vital for preparing effectively. However, quizzes generally are helpful for remembering information, so you can use them in different situations.

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