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How to Improve Essay Writing Skills

1. Essay Title
The title of an essay is very important for it gives a reader the essence of what you are writing about hence helping for easy understanding because a reader would have formed an idea in his mind about what to anticipate. Incase now your essay title reads otherwise and you start talking about something else different then the essay would be totally irrelevant no matter how good the grammar is or the phrasing might be. Explaining very aspect of the title gives the reader a notion that the writer fully understands all those aspects he/ she is talking about hence captivating him to read more.

2. Consistency
Also another essential essay writing aspect so that writer may not drift away from what he was talking about initially and start another very different aspect which may also deviate into another aspect by the head of the essay. This inconsistence will make an essay’s reader lose his attention or interest of reading any further despite your well phrase grammar. The ideas should consistently follow each other so as to allow easy understanding of the topic explored by the writer.

3. Expression of Ideas and Content
This when an essay writer show the reader that he/she has full understanding of the topic he/she is talking about and the depth of the content that a writer doesn’t seem to run out of ideas before the essay is far from over hence resulting into beating about the bush or deviating from the real title hence falling a victim of the inconsistency. The content of what is written should clearly be examined.

4. Logic
A pattern of expressing ones ideas in a very logical way like creating suspense, intrigue and mystery hence captivating your essay reader to read your essay to the end without losing interest on the way and drop it or not getting the content of the essay because he didn’t pay much interest on it.

5. Readability
This is how clearly and fluently a reader can read your essay hence captivating him to read more and not to strain himself hard trying to comprehend what the essay writer was trying to mean hence making him not to get the real content of the essay or perhaps loose interest with the essay wholly.

6. Bibliographies and References
Bibliographies and references are useful to the reader of an essay so that he might want to make further reference on a certain content you had talked about or quoted in your essay. Bibliography is the books you’re referring to. They should be named and their page numbers quoted for easy reference by the essay reader which might save him much time and ado. Bibliography also helps the writer not to plagiarize his/her work.

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