Essay Writing Service Checklist: The Sure Way to Find the Best Essay Writing Service

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Making choices is tough. First, it takes time that, let’s face it, we don’t have at all or have a lack of control over. Second, it consumes energy which is never in sufficient supply either. And then there are the gazillion custom writing websites, all promising untold benefits. Just one click on and rainbows of promises to boost ESL students’ essay writing skills flash on the screen. Or, as an alternative, you approach the writers at that offer to complete works as complex as a thesis or a dissertation.

Whom exactly should you trust and believe that your requirements will be met successfully?

For all those who are lost, we’ve created this quick guide. Having spoken to our clients, we’ve identified the main criteria they stick to when picking the best essay writing service.

Let’s dive in!

1. Brand Name & History

Why does a strong brand name matter in the custom-writing industry? Mainly because the customers can identify a trustworthy business and what it has to offer. 

Based on the Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report, 81% of consumers need to trust a brand to buy anything from them. 

In other words, the crystal clear reputation of an essay writing service tends to be the key factor that impacts a student’s decision to work with this or that essay writer

“As a third-year college student, I always have to juggle dozens of deadlines and tasks. So…using essay writing help is part of my routine. How do I decide what paper writer is the one to trust? If the company s/he works for has a strong reputation and name in the market, I go for it,” – says Myriam, one of our happy clients. “The quality and professionalism they put into their work mean I will never be disappointed by the final result. This approach has never failed me!”

2. Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to determine the reputation of any college essay writing service is through reviews left by previous clients. To get a better idea of whether the chosen essay writers can do the job for you, surf sites like,, SiteJabber,,, or any other sources offering honest reviews of all existing businesses, including websites to write essays.

3. Independent Mystery Shopping Reviews

To better know what is at the heart of a particular essay service, browse the reviews provided by mystery shoppers. These are independent companies that assist clients/businesses in measuring their own quality of work. How does it work? 

Nayeli Ellen, an expert editor and reviewer at AcademicHelp, describes it this way: At A*Help, we take a unique approach. Our mission is to assist our readers in discovering the ideal provider for their requirements, preferences, and budget through genuine, impartial reviews from experts or individuals with a true passion for the topic. We ensure that each review is authored by someone who has actually experienced the service and can share their candid perspective on its advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, we go above and beyond by having US professors assess and grade the work generated by the service, ensuring the results are valid.

Our evaluations are genuine, penned by someone who has bought and utilized the service. We carry out undercover shopping by placing orders and scrutinizing them using our A*Help score. In this manner, our readers receive a truthful and precise assessment, enabling them to make well-informed decisions.  

April 2023 Review from

4. The Price

No matter how tempting it might be, never go for cheap services writing college papers. When some essay writer online offers their help for free or for a ridiculously low price, this is the first alarm bell, the precursor of future frustration, your frustration. Chances are that the chosen company sells plagiarized papers that can easily ruin the academic reputation you’ve worked so hard for years to build. No credible company will ever work for a penny! Be ready to pay decently. You will thank yourself later.

5. The Quality

The abundance of online companies offering essay writer help of supreme quality is quite impressive. But the ugly truth is that you never know if the final result will work well for the customer. Even if the reps of the essay writing sites strictly adhere to the existing standards and follow all instructions, chances are that the client will have a comment or two. 

What it comes down to is that the best writers from know perfection does not exist, yet they do their best to meet your demands. 

At the same time, they demonstrate their competence by extra means and methods such as blogging, providing free writing/editing tools, quizzes, social media networking, etc. For example, essay writing services like aren’t limited to giving writing help. They also offer a large collection of guides and professionally written samples as inspo for college and university students.

6. A Progressive Delivery Option

Stuck with a long and challenging project? Order it from the best essay writers and receive the finished piece in parts. Here’s how it works; when assigned a complex paper, you can pay for each part separately. This provides a couple of advantages:

  • First, it’s more affordable for most students. 
  • Second, it gives you more control over both the process and the quality of work. 

All you have to do is to find out if the chosen writing service has the part-by-part option.

7. Thinking Outside the Box & Actually Listening to Customers

Working with clients successfully is about connecting with them, and this is done primarily by placing customers’ requirements above their own. Though the most trusted writing services tend to grow in size over the years, this philosophy remains as the core of their ethos. Born in Japan, Akari is now a college student in the US. The girl has written about her experience with an essay writing help service

“When looking for essay help on the internet, I was not just interested in finding someone qualified to get my paper done; it had to be someone smart and skilled enough to scan my previous works and make use of my Japanglish. Luckily, I found, who saved me tons of time.”

8. The Guarantees Are Clear

No maybes or unclear statements that leave you wondering if you will ever receive your paper or money back. A reliable and reputed essay writer service has a separate section of their website dedicated to all revisions, refunds, confidentiality and plagiarism policies, customer support, and other uncompromisable issues. If not, escape through the back door.

9. The Customer Care Department Is Always Online

Professional paper writing services always respond. They do it quickly and focus on your problem entirely instead of juggling a couple of customers simultaneously. They provide regular updates on the progress of the essay order, give clear answers, and never leave you in a state of limbo. James uses from time to time. Being a naturally nervous person who even struggles with anxiety, the young man admits that round-the-clock support is bliss: 

“Each time I’m assigned to write my paper and decide to order an essay from pro writers, I kind of panic wondering if I’m going to receive it before the deadline or at all. It’s nice to have a service like CW at hand that stays in touch. It helps me maintain my peace of mind.”

10. You Just…Vibe

The good news is that there are loads of tried and tested agencies out there ready to provide competent essay help online. Based on the criteria above, you’re sure to find one that will complete your book review, article, essay, or any other work at the highest level. If you’re choosing between two, three, or more equally good sites, go for the one that speaks to you. After all, whatever decision you make, your future cooperation holds the promise of being successful.

Therefore, you have a list of criteria for picking the most suitable and reliable writing company. Here they are in brief:

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