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How to Write a Perfect Essay

The process of writing a perfect essay is continuous and depends on the adequate preparedness of the students and their willingness to achieve positive results. A perfect essay needs certain time due to the planning, the necessary research and deciding upon the most effective, well-supported thesis. The most important steps of writing a good essay are planning, drafting, proofreading and editing. Planning the essay is a quite challenging task because it requires selection between definite ideas about a topic. Due to the possible availability of plenty of ideas, the students might have trouble in deciding on which idea they need to concentrate and develop it further. Therefore, the proper organization of the ideas is must in order to formulate the most relevant one; hence, the focus of the essay comes to the surface. Brainstorming about the chosen topic is an important step since it can provoke the appearance of interesting, original associations. The students have to write down key words in relation to the topic as well as they need to try to develop appropriate sentences. In order to write a perfect essay, the planning stage must also include answers of the basic questions: who, when, what, where, how. In this way, the students will introduce the necessary information, enhanced by detailed reading about the selected topic and relevant research. In attempts to answer the five basic questions, the students will have the opportunity to select ideas for the significant thesis sentence that needs to be at the end of the introductory paragraph. The thesis sentence represents the major idea of the essay that will be developed in the body of the paper. A good essay contains a well-stated thesis sentence, which illustrates the proper direction of the essay. Moreover, writing a perfect essay requires a memorable introduction that would prompt the readers to continue to explore the depths of the made conclusions. This means that if the beginning is effective, this could guarantee well acceptance. However, the students should not rely solely on the strength of the introduction. They need to pay serious attention on the other parts of the essay as well, such as the body paragraphs and the conclusion because they all form the unique, coherent structure of the paper. Each part needs to ensure its relation to the other parts, as the result should be a complete essay where the readers would not feel lost between poorly supported, improper ideas.

Talking of the main parts of an essay is associated with the second significant step of writing a perfect essay: drafting the paper. It is clear that the first draft poses particular challenges to the students because it is difficult to compile all the notes, summaries and the thesis sentence. However, the direction of the previously written outline should be followed so that the students will present the paragraphs in sequential order. Apart from focusing on creating an impressive introduction, the body of an essay is extremely important. The body illustrates all the collected information with appropriately stated analytical thoughts. With other words, the body tries to answer the initially posed basic questions. Depending on the précised type of an essay, certain creativity might take place, especially regarding the critical evaluation of particular phenomena. Completing a perfect essay requires also an effective conclusion. It mainly summarizes the stated information with its major points, restates the thesis sentence and closes the essay in a memorable way. This could be through a famous proverb or through an appropriate citation of an outstanding writer or a poet. The students need to make sure that all the discussed steps are included in writing the essay, as the eventual procedure amounts to proofreading and editing the essay so that it could be perfect. Attentive reading is must, and it has to focus on not only the grammar and the structure of the sentences but also on the meaning, the stylistic composition and the literary ways of expression, whether they are appropriate or not. Likewise, the students need to make sure whether they interpreted adequately the idea of the thesis sentence. Writing a perfect essay is a challenging assignment that worth the efforts of the students since they could prove their ability to think critically and analytically as well as they could demonstrates the level of their creativity.


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