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Essay Writing Guide

Choose a Topic.
Selecting the topic you want to write about is the first step to start with when writing an essay. The topic acts as your guideline on what you are going to write about. The topic might be provided for you to choose from hence you might have a difficult part incase it’s a topic you are not well a versed with but mostly you’re given several topics to choose from hence you have to choose the one you feel well-informed of hence try to work on it. The other topic you could be given a chance to choose a topic of your choice hence you have a privilege of choosing a topic on a subject that you’re well versed on.

Brainstorm the topic.
This is trying to focus on the topic of interest in your mind and trying to figure out what is required to write about and what you may think are the major points needed to be included into the essay’s content. This you’re trying to draw a simple image map of the entire topic where to start and the flow of the ideas. Brainstorming assist the mind of the writer to engage his or her brain in the specify area of focus thereby stimulating the flow of relevant material from the writers’ mind.

Outline and organize your points.
After brainstorming your ideas and knowing how they shall flow in the real composition the writer has to outline all his ideas on a sheet paper to act as your guideline while you’re writing hence not to be forgotten as you jot your essay. Outline those points one by one by numbering them one by one and then try and organize them so that you follow systematically.

Start writing your essay.
Start pouring down your well outline and organized points on paper following strictly those points so as not to go out of the way and loose consistency. These outlined points may flow like this;

You definitely start an essay by its introduction on what it’s talking about and what a reader should anticipate of the essay. Introduction talks more about the chosen topic. In short introduction gives the writer an overview of what his/her paper shall entail.

This is the main substance of your essay where you elaborate more about your essay and what you want to put forward on the best and captivating way possible. In the body of an essay you put into consideration the grammar, paragraphing, quotation marks, and try to be specific in your essay and avoid generalization. A too general sentence is hard to support your topic sentence. Maintain the right tone and coherence in your essay. If a piece of writing is coherent, it is easy to understand because it is clear and reasonable.

End your essay clearly whereby a reader will know that you’ve come to an end of your essay and that he doesn’t anticipate for more by giving the final analysis about your essay. Try to start your conclusion with one of these words: In conclusion, in a nut shell, So, Personally.

Edit and proofread your essay.
Editing and proofreading an essay makes sure that what you’ve written is what you intended to write about and that there is no mistakes in it. These mistakes could be both grammatical and clerical errors of which could be easily noticed after passing through the whole essay once more while some sentences could need to be rearranged so as to pass your message clearly.

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