8 simple but adorable DIY Valentine’s Day gifts

Love is one of those things no one knows how to express just right. If you are about to ask someone out on a first date, you are certainly not looking for a Valentine’s gift that’s too forward just yet. On the other hand, if you and your sweetheart have been together for ages, a card expressing love in tired cliches is the last thing you want to bring along on February 14th. In either case, you don’t buy a boring present when you want to show your affection. For this post, I have picked a few original and affordable Valentine craft ideas to make this day special. Check out this list and impress your darling with a gift that truly and honestly shows how you feel. 

Chocolate-covered strawberries

Buying such a chic treat on Valentine’s Day can be just a bit expensive. February is not strawberry season, and sweets may become more overpriced than ever around this time of year. However, you can easily make this delicious gift yourself and impress your loved one even more. Preparing such a romantic dessert in your own kitchen will just take chocolate, strawberries, and no more than 30 minutes of your time. I recommend checking the full recipe on FoodNetwork. It will help you make chocolate-covered strawberries that look and taste exactly like those you could have purchased elsewhere. 


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A lovely coffee sleeve

Speaking of practical handmade gifts, you can create cute things to remind your loved ones of you every day. A knitted coffee sleeve is just one of them. If you knit in your free time and want to make your present useful, a cup cozy is the perfect choice. All you need for this one is some pink yarn, needles, and whatever decorations with which you would like to make hearts and inscriptions on your coffee sleeve. It can also be a romantic DIY gifts for him if your boyfriend is a fan of takeaway coffee. Just be careful which color you choose, because pink may not be your sweetheart’s thing. 

A Valentine’s Day branch tree

I would call it one of the most spectacular Valentine’s Day gifts for her. A branch tree for this special occasion is decorated with handmade hearts and clip-on birds. Creating the tree may take more time, but it looks stunning every time and in any interior. If your girlfriend likes cute pink details and glitter, she will definitely appreciate a hand-crafted branch tree for Valentine’s Day. Check out the tutorial by Brittany Jepsen and see for yourself that it is neither expensive nor complicated. Just shop for a nice minimalistic vase to put your branch tree in and for some lovely clip-on birds. All the other materials are inexpensive too, and you can pick actual branches for your tree in a park or winter garden. 

heart tree

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3-Ingredient chocolate mousse

When it comes to easy homemade gifts that will be appreciated on any occasion, sweets, treats, and cocktails are my best choice. Even if you do not cook anything but fried eggs in your everyday life, Valentine’s Day can be a moment to impress your sweetheart with something special, such as this delicious three-ingredient chocolate mousse. You’ve got it right, you only need three ingredients—bittersweet chocolate, marshmallow, and cream. From this recipe, you will find out how to mix them right and cook one of those delicious chocolate desserts they serve in a restaurant.

Hand-crafted notebook

If you want your significant other to know about your feelings every minute of the day, present a love-inspired notebook this Valentine’s Day. You can find “reasons I love you” stationary ready-made and purchase it for little money but you can also craft it with your hands and create a beautiful design that your sweetheart will adore. Just take a suitable notebook or organizer and decorate its paperback with hearts, illustrations, quotes, pictures, or whatever makes your loved ones smile. I’m sure it will give them a lift to take a look at your hand-crafted gift in the middle of a busy day. 


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Custom-covered sweets

If you do not have much time to make any homemade Valentine’s gifts but still want to make your darling feel loved, you can create romantic wrapping paper for a typical box of chocolates. Create your own design or print out cute pictures available online to make this chocolate very special. I’m sure that sweets with one’s favorite romantic movie quotes and a lovely custom design would be enough to make anyone smile on Valentine’s Day. 

A love letter

Choosing from among countless sweets and flowers? Honestly, what could express your feelings better than an actual love letter? Someone may think writing letters on paper and putting them in an envelope is too outdated. I believe putting your feelings —just as they are—down on paper is one of the most memorable and timeless ways to express love. If you are not much of a writer, just leave a brief note, making it special using custom paper or any Valentine’s Day stationery available online. But remember to avoid using cliches in your love letter at all costs. You can of course find many tips for writing it on the web as well, but the most important thing is to stay sincere. Just imagine your sweetheart rereading this note some five or ten years later, and choose the words that will make them feel special even after years have passed by. Speak from your heart and keep the note personal. 

Valentine's drinks

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Tiffany mimosas cocktail

There are a plethora of gift ideas for our sweethearts, but what if you are going to spend this Valentine’s Day in the company of friends? In this case, I suggest a festive cocktail as your best choice. Tiffany Mimosas will fit perfectly into a movie night, especially when served to accompany your favorite Audrey Hepburn film. What about Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her if they’re spending this special night watching football with their peers? I guess one’s favorite beer and delicious snacks will do the trick, even without any custom Valentine wrapping. 

A homemade gift is the best way to show your affection on Valentine’s or any other day. And it does not take much to create a cute, tasty, or memorable present for your loved ones. Next time you are about to go and buy a pack of identical heart-shaped cards, consider replacing them with the one really thing meaningful in any relationship: your attention. 

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